The Crystal Grotto

“The words she uses to translate the very veil that covers my subconscious and unconscious thoughts give me courage to pursue my journey with fuel and adrenaline! Fully sober and fully focused, if I need clarity on matters of the unseen, I rely on Dava as my personal oracle to aid my endeavors and grip my desires with an iron fist.” Rob Martin, long time client and friend

I am a solitary practitioner and I have love and respect for all spiritual and religious paths. I find value, strength, and solace in teachings and ways from nearly all traditions. I am a naturally gifted clairvoyant and empath. I have been doing readings professionally for 3 years and, while I have always been applauded for my insight, with constant studying and increase in wisdom, knowledge, and technique, my readings have become highly detailed and accurate! I use my natural intuitive gifts in combination with tools and techniques such as oracle cards, tarot cards, runes, pendulums, numerology, and astrology – all in order to give you the most detailed and accurate assistance along your path.

General Personal Reading – suggested donation $25 USD
A general but detailed look at where you stand at this time and what you can do to catalyze your development and evolution. This is a great option for those who are new to the world of divination and may have some reservations but still find their curiosity piqued 😉

Career and Finance Reading – suggested donation $35 USD
Not where you thought you’d be? You’re where you are, accept it, and choose where you want to go from here. I can help you by navigating through your strengths, weaknesses, and the true intentions behind your endeavors.

Love and Relationship Reading – suggested donation $35 USD
You want to know if he or she is the one, if it’ll last forever. Only Spirit knows for sure, but I can help you to bring awareness to your relationship with YOURSELF which in turn will help you understand how you interact with your partner, how you can foster a better relationship, or how you can attract an ideal  potential mate.

Dream Walking Report – suggested donation $35 USD
Do you keep having the same dream over and over? Did you have a dream that startled or otherwise perplexed you? The moment between wakefulness and sleep is the portal into the Dream Scape, where the subconscious mind finds abstract ways to give us answers and insight that we aren’t receptive to in the busy, everyday waking world.

Past Life and Karmic Report – suggested donation $60 USD
Spirit CANNOT be destroyed. If it still has much to uncover and is not ready to return to the Source, a spirit can manifest again in another body, another time, another dimension… Knowing the who, what, when, where,  and why of your spirit can help you to understand the lessons you have to learn and the karma you need to release.

Incarnation and Life Path Report – suggested donation $75 USD
The follow up – You’ve waded your way through the past, and now you’re ready to face the present in order to create a better future. The Life Path and Incarnation Report is a unique opportunity to get a panoramic view of what you have come to Earth (this time) to learn and do. Each spirit comes to Earth with a purpose – What is YOURS?


To be VERY clear – I take myself seriously in this work – I hold nothing back, and I am not in the business of “fortune telling”. Why? BECAUSE THIS IS YOUR WORLD BABY! There are certain things in life that are fated, but how we respond and channel our energy determines the overall outcome, and I am here to help people create the outcomes that are in alignment with their highest ideals and aspirations. Upon making a donation for your reading, include pertinent information such as  your full name, birth date, in addition to your place of birth and time, if you know it. This helps me to get an even better detailed look at your astrological chart. All readings with the exception of the Past Life and Incarnation readings will be emailed to you within 24 to 48 hours. The latter two require your patience for between 7 to 10 days as they are more extensive and require many sessions to complete. Any accompanying video or audio files will be linked in the email.

***All readings come standard with a FREE (optional) 20 minute phone/skype consultation during which we can greet, meet, and discuss what kinds of questions and concerns you have. If you have ordered a Dream Walking Report, I ask that you email your best description of your dream to Products – Spell kits, Ritual Kits, burning blends, bathing blends, teas, potions. As we work together, we may discover that a certain method will help you on your way to manifesting your desires, be they of healing, love, financial gain, etc There are some items that can be offered generally, but the universe is very intricately woven, and so are you! So, any products, spells, or rituals required for your advancement will be custom made to order. Pricing will depend on on the materials required and the time and energy necessary to procure.***


2 thoughts on “The Crystal Grotto

    • Thank you so much Lillian! Working with you has been such a joy and you’ve added so much to MY life! Ever since you told me about the Kybalion it’s been one of my greatest points of reference. ❤

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