Weekly Tarot

“Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?”

THE HANGED MAN – REVERSED: The Hanged Man is a martyr. Reversed, this card implies a lack of sacrifice and giving of one’s self. This week, with Mercury stationing direct today and the Full Moon on Wednesday, we are being asked to make huge sacrifices in our personal and greater lives. Mercury Retrograde periods can wreak a lot of havoc, but if you are aware and receptive to the shifting of energies, you will see the opportunity for growth. Hiccups can, or should, cause us to be more alert and attentive, and to correct the things that need work. Mercury is governed by Raphael, who is the Archangel of Healing, so many spiritual, mental, emotional, and even physical traumas have the potential to be healed. BUT – It’s no easy process, thus, the sacrifice. You must be willing to forfeit all of your gripes and excuses. Thought forms, word choices, and behavior patterns that do not serve our highest ideals of who we want to be and the lives we want to create must GO! Never to return. We must be willing to sacrifice selfish ways of thinking, interacting, and relating with others, so that we may be more in harmony. I am also channeling this sentiment for humanity as a whole – that we need to sacrifice our perceived “rightness” for the sake of happiness! Major shifts are happening for ALL of us and the behavior patterns we’ve been operating within for the past several hundred years will no longer fly. Am I hoping for a utopian air of world peace? No. I am asking for balance. Individually we are all works in progress, and the same will be so for the world at large. Individually and collectively, we are being asked to give up what we are in hope of what we could be.

Blessed Be!




Weekly Tarot

KING OF SWORDS (REVERSED): Harsh, malicious, hesitating, and unreliable. We’re nearly a week into the current Mercury retrograde and things are in full swing now. The King of Swords has appeared reversed to remind us to listen more and speak less, lest we find ourselves involved in a great deal of misunderstandings and arguments, which could turn into fights and separations. If that is what is meant to be, it will be, but for those who are looking to hop and hover above the mayhem until the dust settles – quiet is key. If you just MUST get those thoughts and feelings out, your journal, diary, or blog will be your very best friend. In this instance, the pen (or keyboard) truly is mightier than the sword.

Blessed Be and have a wonderful week! ❤

Weekly Tarot

Here’s a Tarot Message to start your week off right!

THE LAST JUDGEMENT: Determination, final decision, rejuvenation. Mercury will be in retrograde starting tomorrow, November 6th, and up through the 26th. During a retrograde period, things seem to go bizerk all at once – Mercury is a messenger, so mail gets lost, phones and internet connections go haywire, and communication between people can get very complicated. So retrograde periods are a good time to be easy, observant, and open to what lessons in your life are up for review and clearing. This is a time for the old to be done away with. This also means that all projects you are working on should be completed (finalized) or continued with, but that no NEW projects should be brought into your fold until Mercury returns to regularly scheduled programming. If you are familiar with the Archangels, Orishas, and other guardian spirits, get familiarized with how they correspond to the rulership of the planets. For instance, Archangel Raphael is a guardian of Mercury, so you can work with this spirit if you need help flowing WITH the energy of the retrograde instead of against for a better outcome. Also, it’s been a cold fall so far, so I can only imagine what winter will be like! As we enter into the colder months we must remember that, like everything else in nature, it’s a good time slow down and pause to regather ourselves (rejuvenate) so that we are prepared to blossom and flow in the spring!

Blessed Be and have a great week! ❤ Dava

Oracle Reading for 2.6.2012

The Horse King has ridden up to us atop his noble steed and brought with him lessons of assistance and control.

When you charge forward with your dreams and goals and you trust that you are working in accordance with Divine will, you are free to express and create in your own unique way. This entity has come to teach us that while we’re striving for the life we desire to live, we don’t have to do it all on our own. Be discerning about who you allow into your circle, but when you find that a person has genuinely been placed on your path, be open to receiving the help! We are not meant to carry and do everything on our own, but so many people take on the attitude of “I don’t need help” and while one can be convinced of it and try to play the hero,  it’s just not very smart. Granted, the work may still get done, but at what expense? Exhaustion? Burnout? Stress? Health problems? Don’t live in fear and think that you must control everything. It will, without a doubt, hurt you and the people around you, because no one is meant to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders alone. No matter if what you’re dealing with is spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, or if we’re talking about a business or a creative venture – with anything in life – EASE UP ON THE REIGNS! Whether you need to “Let go and let God” and let the Divine lead you, or if you need to delegate some responsibilities to other friends, family members, or employees – DO IT! If someone offers help, don’t be so proud that you cannot accept what has clearly presented itself as a gift to you. The Horse King embodies the assistance that can gallop into our lives and help us, but only if we humble ourselves and hop on the back.

I hope you enjoyed today’s weekly Oracle reading – stay tuned for more!

Blessed Be



Oracle Reading for 1.30.2012

Alright, alright! I’M BACK! I’m going to kick off my return with a reading for everyone, and I want doing a reading for you all each Monday to become a ritual, so keep me on my toes!

The Sun Dancers twirled across our path today bring us wisdom about joyful activity, celebration of life, and abundance. They came to remind us about the laws of attraction and how important it is to be joyful and giving praise. When we do this, we attract more to be joyful and give praise about! Lift the vibration of your energy to match the energy of whatever it is you wish to manifest in your life. Give thanks as if it’s already manifested in front of you and DANCE a dance of victory, as if you’ve already won, as if you’ve already achieved your goal!

We are in control of our thoughts, emotions, and actions. That being said, sometimes things happen that are not within our control and it results in events and situations that we don’t like. “Bad things” or unfavorable situations do not indicate an inability to create what we desire, it means that life happens – and what REALLY matters is how we choose to react in these given situations. More so than when times are good, when you face difficulty, turn up the volume on the song your heart sings and continue to dance and bask in the warmth of the sun. If you can still choose love, light, joy, and happiness in the face of difficulty, then you have reached a level of self mastery. Just as the sun comes up every morning, trust in the Divine to help you rise above any difficulties you face.

Thanks for reading and Blessed Be! )O(


Oracle Reading for 1.4.2012

The Wise Woman of Wonderland has appeared as an Ally bringing messages of integrity and compromise. This is a great message for the New Year especially – it’s an opportunity to learn how to be more in command of your life and to be a part of the survival and thriving of the Earth and all life that dwells here!

Be conscious of your thoughts, words, and actions because the kinds of vibrations you send out through those channels are the same types that come back to you – so choose what kind of day, week, month, year, LIFE you’d like to have in each moment. Move with integrity throughout each day and watch things bend and shape around you to suit the desires of your heart. This is an especially important message in the year 2012 as the Earth and its inhabitants experience the shifts that have been predicted by ancient cultures the world over. We collectively have the power to change the world in every sense of the phrase. Our thoughts now are bombarded with worry, fear, violence, and lack – and that’s exactly what we see in the world. If we were to refuse to accept those streams of negative vibrations and switch our thoughts, word, and actions into those of faith, joy, justice, and abundance – we would effectively transmute the energy vibrations to attract those things and manifest them on Earth. SPREAD THE WORD! With integrity of course!

Compromise is great in some cases, but not in all of them, and The Wise Woman of Wonderland has also come to teach us that we are not to give up and set aside what we feel in our hearts that Spirit has for us. Stand firm, strong, and in full faith in who you are and what you’re here on this Earth to do. Let no one sway you and be aware of your own subconscious thoughts, which sometimes can be more damaging those of another. Your resolve will cause circumstances and people to fall away from you, but don’t fret! If you truly believe that you have a purpose, then be content with the removal of anything and anyone who stands in your way. It may be a friend, a family member, a situation, an event, a job – it could be anyone of those things and then some. If you feel a sense of relief when it falls away – if you feel lighter, like you’re able to travel towards where you really want to go – be content! But once those obstacles are removed, we must circle back around to integrity – move forward with integrity.


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Oracle Reading for 12.26.2011

The Cosmos

Bringing messages of creativity and vastness, today we’re being asked to widen our scopes as to allow ourselves to accept and understand the majesty and power of The Cosmos. The Universe is the endlessly vast darkness from which all things spring forth – seen and unseen. Tapping into the raw and limitless creative power of the universe gives each and every one of us the ability to call (fire), create (air), form (water) , and manifest (earth) our desires both individually and on a grand scale. Our essence is that of CREATION, so live in your Truth and CREATE the life and the world you want to see by following your passions and using your passions to reach and help others. INTENTIONS ARE CONTAGIOUS! So make sure that you set your intentions for “the highest and greatest good of all” and then release them out into the universe in full faith in your Divine right to co-create with The Cosmos.

No dream is too big or to small – what Great Mystery has for you is FOR YOU! So don’t let influences from friends, family, or media sway you away from what The Creator has placed in your heart to do. If you like it, you’ve got to surround yourself with people who LOVE it! Let your spirit guide you to people who are living and acting in that same creative vibration and take solace in any place that allows you to be your authentic, creative, POWERFUL self! When you consistently redirect your thoughts and actions to what you DO WANT to see in your life, the universe will respond and you will watch old habits, situations, and people fall away from you and be replaced by habits, situations, and people that further your desires and your overall purpose.

As the world experiences a multitude of paradigm shifts and is reawakened to The Divine Feminine, we will see a rise in consciousness – We will collectively reach an understanding and a reverence concerning the Divine within us, and we will learn that is is VERY possible to create not just the individual lives, but the WORLD we want to see – A world where health, wealth, and justice is the REALITY of the world instead of a sparse fantasy. This is a time for way more than New Year’s resolutions. It’s time for a New World, and we collectively have the power to bring that dream into manifestation!

Blessed Be )O(