Where Does Racism Fit Into Spirituality?

This is a video blog (vlog?) I did yesterday evening. I’d been running these thoughts through my mind systematically as I continued to be witness to and confronted by the bigotry in the African American community. The following is the direct quote of the facebook status rant I’m referring to in the video:

“BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS IS A MYTH! Yeah, I said it. These egotistical black people so desperate to connect to Africa that they end up being just as racist and bigoted as the white people they swear are SO evil and hateful make me fucking SICK!!! I love who I have incarnated as this round, the people, the roots, the culture, the heritage and I love my ancestors – but I also love EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in Creation, “good” and “bad”. What’s good SHOULD be loved and what it not should be too because that’s the only way to transmute it. /endrant (for now)”

Peep the video and tell me what you think! Also, below are some thoughts I jotted down in my journal about my thoughts and feelings.


Whatever you want to call it – is ALL INCLUSIVE – The Creator of EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. Even an atheist who believes that “everything comes from nothing” must also conclude that everything comes from THE SAME nothing.

“The Universe is Mental”

Think of The Creator as an artist – a painter – a composer.

The body of work from a truly limitless creative mind is going to use every color, every sound, on the spectrum to express itself. When viewing a painting as a whole – The splashes of blue are not more important than the splotches of red – the lighter point of gradation is not superior to the more intense hue. The stippling is not more essential to the piece than the wide washes of color. When listening to a song, the treble is not more important than the bass. The crash of the symbol is not superior to the wailing of the trumpet. When you look at the entirety of the painting, or listen to the entirety of the song, ALL PARTS ARE EQUAL and essential to the masterpiece. There is no unnecessary or unwanted detail or the artist would not have included it.

All of that being said – person can’t truly call themselves “conscious” of or unified with The Creator if they still accept, believe, and express even latent racism as a part of their spirituality and their philosophies about perceived “others”. Spirit, also another name for Consciousness, is without limits. So, if your spirituality includes a superiority complex in contrast to other cultures, races, and spiritual or religious practices – you are not really conscious of Consciousness – aka “BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS” IS A MYTH.

Also – so called black consciousness and African spirituality are NOT the same! I am not discouraging people from celebrating and practicing the spiritual ways that are indigenous to their ancestors, in fact, I IMPLORE everyone to do that! Every culture has a rich and deep well of wisdom, knowledge, and colorful, fruitful practices to learn and grow from. What I’m saying is – humble yourself to the fact that “yours is not better than theirs” – there is no ours and theirs – we really are ONE people (also one with plants and animals). We are unique expressions of the mind of the Divine. We are not meant to be the same – VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE! Have you ever shaken your head at an artist who puts out a CD on which 80% of the songs sound the same? How many times have you rolled your eyes at the film industry doing a prequel, sequel, and remake of the same damn movie? I think to myself, “Have they run out of ideas or what?” And the answer is a resounding YES! These are the products of minds with limits. The All Mighty Creator (again, whatever you call it or however you perceive it) does not have that problem.

Another thing – No one culture, race, or religion has ownership of esoteric knowledge – it’s Universal public (Akashic) record, available to anyone who seeks it. Their intentions and karma are between them and The Creator. Stop saying “THEY STOLE OUR GODS AND GODDESSES!” It’s juvenile and asinine! The spirits of the deities manifest when and how they need to. Yashua/Jesus is not a ripoff of the Egyptian Sun god. It’s the same energy reincarnating and manifesting itself in parallels of time and space. A spirit cannot exist in this physical realm without a body – So when deities (ascended masters, angels) walk among people, they tend to take on the names and cultural attributes of the people they visit.

It’s 2012 – RACE, COLOR should not be a factor for you in your heart’s desire is to be totally and truly ONE with The Creator. No souls journey is superior or more important than another’s.


Five Mistakes People Make Concerning the Divine – Part 1

The following is the first on a list of personal philosophies I wrote about early on in 2011. I hadn’t been “awake” for all that long but I had experienced quite the spurt, and I had so much to say! The piece is entitled “Five Mistakes People Make Concerning the Divine”. All that I wrote about still rings true for me, but having become more deeply committed to personal spiritual growth and development, I’ve found that my understanding of everything I wrote about has changed in terms of an ever widening scope of perception. I’m going to be taking time over the next few weeks to revisit each point and expound upon the subject matter and to interrelate the material with personal experiences. I anticipate the list growing as I continue to grow myself.

“1) Creating God in the image of Man

Humanity has turned its back on the true nature of God, and so, when we look at the world and the devastation that abounds here some become angry with Him. Furthermore, some people say that He cannot possibly exist because, if He did, the world would not be this way. As it stands today, humankind has chosen to let evil and darkness reign, and that is not God’s fault – free will, remember? The world is not necessarily overrun by people who choose evil, rather, the world is full of people who sit idly by and do nothing because they are either too scared, too weak, or they really believe that it’s not their concern, but God’s! Sins of omission are far greater than sins of commission; don’t be fooled. Since a majority of people place human limitations on God, they see the fate of the world as his doing or his neglect when really, WE are culpable, because we were given charge over the Earth, and this is what we’ve allowed it to come to. Stop lying on God! The truth of the matter is this: God is the father of all things. He is not a genie in a bottle, nor is he a superhero. As a father, he made the provisions we needed – giving the Earth form, giving us the elements and the seasons, nature and ever present natural resources, plant and animal life, each other, judgment and punishment for the wicked, and most importantly – His love, protection, provisions, and guidance. The Earth, in the beginning, was the definition of abundance! We had it all, because he gave it to us. We’ve squandered it, like rich brats, and now we’re mad that daddy won’t bail us out of a major screw up.

What would the world be like if, instead of thinking that God is made in his image, every man understood that he is made in the image of God? What if EVERY man knew that his purpose was to provide for, protect, and guide his family? Marinate on that.”

It’s been a really long time since I read this last and reading it now makes me grind my teeth at how fundamentalist it sounds when this part is read all by itself. At the time I was trying to decipher for myself what the nature of God was. The rest of the list will reveal more of what I’ve come to grasp, so don’t get shifty with me just yet and shrug me off as some crazy Christian. I certainly am crazy, but my faith and spirituality is not marginalized into one set of beliefs or labels, so chill.

Moving on – I still very much believe that God is the father of all things and that His masculine energy plays a specific role in the creation and development of all that we know and see. I now know God to be the masculine half of the mind of The All. The All itself is the raw energy field from which EVERYTHING springs forth. The “roles” come into play with The Law of Gender, which states that everything that exists has a feminine and/or a masculine aspect. That law is what allows for recreation aka reproduction of any living thing. In retrospect, I’ve learned that there are many gods (and goddesses) but that there is only one Source – so when I speak of Father God and Mother Goddess, or The All, I’m speaking of that source energy. The All is ALL POWERFUL and ALL KNOWING but that does not mean that whatever we define the Divine to be is required to be ALL UP IN OUR BUSINESS. We have great power, and with great power comes great responsibility.

The Law of Polarity tells us that to each there is an opposite and that the poles of the opposites exist on a scale for which there is a pendulum. Energy vibrations determine which end of the spectrum one thrives on and what kinds of outcomes we will manifest, both individually and collectively. With all of that being said, understanding those laws and principles has truly helped me understand the concept of “free will” and to crystallize my thoughts on whether or not it truly exists.

In the midst of our many spiritual discussions, my twin flame has talked about a principle he lives by called “power under control”. He would oft refer to the phrase during our talks about humility and submission. The bulb had been flickering but it didn’t really light up until I came to understand polarity, vibration, and principles of magic, all of which have taught me this – Source is raw, supreme, unmatched power that governs all law, that IS all law. We are made in the likeness of Source and are expressions of it (Oneness) and so, by means of our vibrations, we have the power to manifest – for better or for worse. That’s where free will comes into play, because we CHOOSE what we manifest through the vibrations we entertain and the energy we feed off of. This became especially applicable when I became interested in divination and witchcraft. People fear what they don’t understand, and so people who don’t understand witchcraft fear it, call it “evil”, and label people who practice it the same. What I learned is that witchcraft, magic, divination, or what have you is not evil nor is it good – it just IS. A person’s means and motivation are what distinguishes “good” from “evil”, not the practice itself. People who practice magic manifest what is in their hearts, and that logic applies in the grand scheme of things as well. In terms of the world at large and what we see regarding violence, disease, and poverty, etc – this is not God’s work, nor does it speak the absence of God – this is what the human race has consciously manifested through living on planes of lower vibration and by regurgitating negative energy. The kicker here is that, just like I said in the original piece, most people aren’t terrible, evil beings, rather, they are unawake and unaware of their importance within the whole.

Regarding the masculine traits and principles I mentioned in the quote, my vision of those aspects has magnified as well. From the atom to the Earth, solid foundations and elements of provision remain masculine and continue to influence how I perceive men in the physical realm – they are designed to be providers of solid foundations and protectors of their family and home, that is their nature. I notice how I originally chose my words to imply that all we see and know is because “He did/gave it” and at this point in my evolution I realize how important it is to give the glory to both the masculine and the feminine aspects of Source, because they cannot operate separately. They serve different purposes, but they are equally and greatly important. Stay tuned for the second item on the list to read more about God’s “other half”!


Blessed Be.


What I Know About Wealth

I’m not some guru sitting in a mansion, surrounded by luxury items with servants at my beck and call, so don’t get it twisted and assume that I’m going to tell you how to get money. Now that we’re clear on that – I’d like to speak on my budding Wisdom and Understanding concerning wealth, the True nature of it, and what I know so far about how to attract more if it into one’s life.

There’s a billion and one “get rich quick” schemes out there. You can go to any bookstore or walk passed any kiosk and see a slew of “how to” and “self help books” with the supposed keys to getting money and being wealthy. There are self professed guru’s out there who are just ballin’ outta control and who will gladly take your money so that you can hear them talk and tell you how you can do it too. I’ve never bought into a scheme, purchased a book, or gone to a seminar, but I have sat and wallowed and day dreamed about having more money, about being wealthy and having the freedom to do all the things I want to do. For every person like me who has never fallen into the trap, there are probably ten who have and who will continue to until we (collectively) become consciously aware of the True nature of wealth and how we can actively tap into that source and attract and manifest wealth into our lives.

A wonderful teacher and friend of mine, Tirra Hargrow, states that MONEY = My Own Natural Energy Yield. When I first read this about two years ago, it struck a chord with me, but I couldn’t quite pick up the melody because I wasn’t at the level of Understanding I am now. What I “get” now is that money is merely a physical representation of our ability to wield our energy and create the lives we want to live. Yes, I understand that people used to barter and trade, but I’m speaking about the present, so stay with me. In the present, modern, world, money is what we use to propel ourselves forward in life. We need money to have even our basic (modern) needs met – food, shelter, bills, transportation, education, health care, etc – THEN if we want to have “better” provisions in those areas, we have to make even more money. On top of that, we like to experience leisure and luxury too – gadgets, concerts, road trips, vacations, etc, and that certainly costs money. Some people have the means to do all of this and then some, some people can only indulge sparingly, and some are not able to do it at all; and, to take it even further, there are some people who can’t even fulfill their basic needs.

Poverty consciousness, scarcity, and lack are at the opposite end of the pendulum swing as compared to wealth, abundance, and resources and, as per Universal Law, there can’t be one without the other. Contrary to popular belief, one without the existence of the other DOESN’T mean that others must be without so that others can have. It means that the ability to attract wealth into one’s life is the microcosmic example for the ability for wealth to be the standard in the world at large. “What I can do to consciously attract wealth is applicable to the collective if we were to realize that we are one, massive mind.” – That’s how I break it down for my own Understanding, and now that I’ve done that, it’s time to get to the Wisdom part of it. (Wisdom = Knowledge applied.)

The Wisdom I’ve gained about wealth thus far is that I need to first heal my relationship with money. Money doesn’t make me, I make money. Money doesn’t control me, I control money. It’s a material example of my ability to manifest the life I desire. But before I attract a single dollar, I must remember that, just like everything else, wealth starts first in the ether – THE SPIRIT – and then makes it’s way to the mind, the emotions, and finally into manifestation. To have a wealthy spirit is to be consciously aware of the natural abundance of The All, of The Universe, and of Mother Earth. It’s the ability to be flexible and to be open to whatever opportunities present themselves to grow and ascend spiritually. With that, I leave you with this beautiful image of Goddess Lakshmi! May her grace, beauty, wealth, and abundance nurture your spirit and open you to the wealth all around you!

Mantra to Lakshmi "Om Shri Maha Lakshmyei Namah"


Learn more about Tirra Hargrow and connect with her via her website http://www.goddess-body-mind-spirit.com/

Discussion Group Gems – Prostitution

What would YOU do to survive?

At this very moment, I’m engaged in a discussion group created by one of my spiritually inclined sistren. The topic she just posted is as follows:

“In your opinion,having on random sex,selling sex,or being in a situation that forces you to open up on that level..how do you feel about it?Do you think its dangerous on a spiritual level? And how?”

It took me but a brief second to respond:

“Sex is a form of magic and, like any other form of magic, a person’s intentions and use are what counts, not the sex itself. I don’t look down on people who use sex magic to make money, especially when the money is used feed themselves and their families. But I do give the side eye to people who use sex to manipulate, control, and hurt others.”

She “liked” it and responded with a whoop and a holler.

I followed up with this comment:

“With Xochiquetzal as the deity who revealed herself to me, I came to understand the practice of prostitution. Among many other things, Xochiquetzal is a patron and protector of prostitutes. My mother was one. She told me some time ago about how she learned to use sex to get her needs met and survive. When I struggled as a single mother with my own daughter, I won’t lie, I thought about it. I couldn’t bring myself to do it, but I seriously considered it as a viable option. I know what it’s like to be at that point of desperation. So I will never again in life look down on anyone who used their body to make ends meet.”

People get so gung-ho when they talk about what they would do to survive if they of their families were being attacked. All of a sudden, they’re masters of every martial art, and highly trained in weaponry. They would do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to protect themselves. Women seem to be the worst about it. Maybe because they feel the need to over compensate for the perceived notion that women are the weaker sex. I get it. The paradox here is that many of these same women will look down upon and condemn women who sell sex to make money to provide for themselves and their children. “That’s disgusting.” “I would never stoop to that level.” “That’s sinful.” “They’re to lazy to find and keep a real job.” The truth is that, in addition to women with pimps, or even independent workers, many women who have jobs still sell sex on the side because the paychecks just aren’t cutting it. Some of them have husbands. The point of all this is that why is there a difference between fighting off an attacker with violence and fighting off starvation and lack with sex? In both cases, a person is doing whatever they have to do to provide safety and necessities for those they love. I wonder what would happen to the women who look self-righteously down their noses if they were in a situation where the only options were screw, or starve. I really do wonder….


I talk about this very subject in my debuting novel, which is featured in my “Books” tab on my website. Stay tuned for information on the release of the book, and for my tribute to beautiful Xochiquetzal! The synchronicity is incredible!


Victim or Victor?

This is a piece I wrote and posted on facebook in May of this year, 2011. It has been slightly edited to accommodate my ever expanding wisdom and understanding. I was inspired to write it as I went through a period of reflection and realized just how much my perception of myself and the world around me had changed, and the blessings I witnessed come into my life as a result. To be honest, I haven’t thought about this piece much since I wrote it. I’ve been facing some difficulties over the last 24 hours and I was reminded of it. This is a live lesson on practicing what I preach!


Even the most mundane day is an epic battle – with our egos, emotions, spirits, circumstances, and relationships. And, each day, we ALL face the same ULTIMATE choice – “Will I be a VICTIM, or will I be a VICTOR today?” The first three letters are the same – signifying any given situation you may find yourself in. But those last three letters, that’s where the CHOICE lies.

VicTIM or VicTOR

-tim = TIMID

-tor = TORRENT

Will you be TIMID or will you be a TORRENT? Will you sit idly by and let your emotions and the intentions of others get the best of you and change the course of your life as you desire it, or will you battle it out as a force to be reckoned with?

It’s easy to let things happen. There’s no work involved in being a victim – You can even throw your hand across your forehead, say “WOE IS ME!”, faint, and hope that someone will save you. Some people choose to be victims their entire lives; and sometimes, we find ourselves being the ones to (reluctantly) come to their rescue. Sometimes we do it out of guilt, other times out of a sense of obligation. We pity them, we get angry with them; all the while, some of us are victims too. We’re so busy saving others that we don’t take note of the fact that we need to save OURSELVES!

To be a victor, you have to be a highly trained soldier. You can’t be enlisted to be a victor; you have to willingly sign up! And if you want to be in Special Forces you have to be CHOSEN! You have to be ready, willing, and able. “Nothing worth doing is ever easy” is a quote I’ve read many times, in many places; and it rings true. In order to be a victor you must train, strategize, trust in yourself, your comrades, and your commanding officer:

Train – prayer, meditation, studying, divination

Strategize – setting goals, making a plan of action and executing it, holding yourself accountable/responsible

Comrades – friends, family, sages with whom you seek counsel and who will battle right beside you in the trenches

Commanding Officer – The Creator, the deity you are devoted to, that “small voice” you hear when you quiet your mind

Not every battle will be won, well all fall short; but if you remain persistent, diligent, and alert, you WILL win the WAR! Choose victory, and let the means come as they may. Choose your highest self, and not your ego. Choose self-mastery, even with “the small things”, and let the uniform of your life be decorated with honors! Be a warrior all of your days and have peace – because you can’t have one without the other.


Why I Don’t Fear God

This is what fear looks like. Is this how you feel when you think of God?

Why does The Bible say that Jesus says “There is no fear in love…” (1 John 4:18) but then in a gajillion other verses it tells us to “fear the Lord Your God”?

The easy answer is that The Bible is full of contradictions because it was changed by evil, power hungry men who made God in their image to suit a certain agenda, but I can’t just leave it at that, so here are my mental ramblings on the notion that we should fear the Christian God and why Jesus was saying something completely different. Such a rebel.

Firstly, Jesus is not his name. His name is Yashua (Yahoshua if you’re doing an invocation or sealing a prayer). Secondly, he was a man and an ascended master. He spoke the Truth and the rich and powerful men of the time didn’t like it, so they killed him off. This is the truth that Yashua spoke in 1 John 4:18 in its entirety:

“18There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”  -KJV

What IS fear, then? I don’t know that I can define it precisely in my own words because people interpret and experience the emotion differently, as evidenced by the fact that people fear all sorts of different things. Clowns, water, heights, vomit, bananas, Birkenstock sandals – it could be ANYTHING! How else could Fear Factor be such a hit show? People love to watch others facing their fears, whether they overcome them or not. I have a love for spiders because they appeared as spirit guides to teach me their medicine. Accepting the spider on my animal totem has taught me about the power of weaving thoughts and emotions in such a way to create my own reality, to create the life I desire. This wisdom has changed my life forever, and for the better! I feared spiders for many years prior – full on arachnophobia – ask my mom. It was the destroying of the fear that allowed me to embrace them and learn what they had come to teach. So, again I ask, what is fear?

Fear is paralysis – it’s an immobilizing agent that stops a person their tracks. How many people do we know who had a talent and a passion but never did anything with it out of the FEAR of failure? Fear inhibits one from embracing all things, people, and situations and living a full life. With that being said, WHY are we told to fear the Christian God, or any deity for that matter?

If you’re paralyzed in the face of something, you are powerless against it. If you’re powerless against it then you are oppressed by it. Despite how much you want to believe that you have a loving relationship, you CANNOT have a truly loving relationship with something or someone you fear. And so, you can have no real desire to be in unity with said person or thing, even when you believe with your whole heart that you do. If you cannot be united with it, you cannot have Oneness, and without that knowledge of being one with such a powerful and creative entity, you have no power over your own life. People who are insistent upon fearing God are convinced that they are separate from The Creator and that they must depend on “it” to live a decent life. Little do they know, the power of The Creator is WITHIN us because we came from it. Just like our parents here on Earth, we have inherited the genes and traits of that which we came from – “As above, so below.” On that note, let’s look at another verse from beloved Yashua:

“6I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.” – KJV

He said it himself, we are ALL children of The Most High (The Creator) Being children born from that creative energy means that we have the power to rule and to create within the codes of our DNA! As an adult who was abused as a child who is determined to not repeat those behaviors with her own child, this is how I can best debunk they myth that fearing God will bring you closer to Him:

I grew up being terrified of my abuser. I thought I loved her and that she loved me because she was my granny. That is still so – I love my grandmother because I am love – but there was no love in that relationship because of the fear that resulted from the abuse. Love is the energy of creation. Beating, mutilating, and verbally abusing a child is all around destructive, don’t you agree? I say all of this to say that, when I grew up, I had no desire to have a relationship with my grandmother, and I most definitely didn’t want to be like her. My adult self has forgiven her, but my inner child is still wounded and fearful, though I am working on nurturing that child. The point is – I had no desire to have a united relationship with my grandmother, nor would I accept being made in her likeness. In that same way, fearing God makes it so that people separate themselves from The Divine and deny that they are of its essence.

I worship and give full glory to both Father God and Mother Goddess, equally and greatly.  We have a loving relationship and I do not fear them, not one iota. I desire to be like them and I realize and embrace my own power to create. Fear is paralyzing, and I am quite content with being MOVED by the love of Great Spirit.

Blessed Be )O(