Packaging Phase – Crafty Stuff Part 2

The cello bags are from Oriental Trading and the ribbon is from The Dollar Store. Go cheap where you can - This is a highly addictive hobby and can hurt your pockets if you're not smart about it! LOL

This item is call Spring Snow Bubbling Bath Soak. The combination of the shea and jojoba butters with a botanical and Hunny Bunny fragrance oil (from Nature's Garden, plus a mix of rose, lavender, and calendula flowers is just divine!

These Bubble Wands are scented with Magic Potion fragrance oil from Nature's Garden and they smell amazing! Hold the stick and swish the contents of the bubble bar in the tub to release the bubbles, color, shimmer, and skin loving ingredients!

I have a several other items that I’ve been working on but I don’t have pics available because I need a camera that can do them justice. Since I haven’t given away anything yet I’ve mostly been my own guinea pig! I haven’t had any kinds of accidents or reactions as far as irritation or anything. I’ve actually seen my skin improve, plus it’s really uplifting to pamper myself with products I’ve made. It’s like I’m validating myself haha! I’ve had a couple of OMG OMG OMG WHAT DO I DO moments with product making, but most everything has turned out very well. Another thing I find really cool with making products, or, anything creative really, is that (unless you totally wreck something) you can salvage it and turn it into something else – and a lot of times what you end up with can be far more awesome than what you set out to do haha – Dava


From Easter to Ostara

My mom was very much into the holidays when I was growing up. Christmas has always been her favorite because her birthday is in December, but after that, her love was Easter. As a devout Christian woman, she celebrated Easter as the celebration of the brutalization, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and so did I. I always thought my parents were so strict, and they were in many ways, but at the very least, they weren’t those kinds of fundamentalist fuddy duddies who didn’t allow us to celebrate the more commercial aspect of the holidays. We did the holiday parties, gifts, decorations, crafts, songs, just like most others. My favorite part of Easter was dyeing eggs. Oh, and the excessive amounts of candy. Even school was full of stories and projects about the various novelties of the season. At home, my mother would always tell me to, “Remember the REASON for the season!” and then go on babbling excitedly about The Lord. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve been all over the map (and off of it) spiritually, so my stand on holidays has evolved quite a bit. With all of that being said, this is is why I, Dava Greely, celebrate this time of year.

I give respect to Yashua Ben Yosef (Jesus) for the lessons of his life, his being, but even more so than that, I celebrate to give respect to Mother Earth, Gaia, for her grace and sacrifice. Earth Mother is the bearer of the ether into physical reality. Everything about her is abundant, from core to atmosphere. Her essence is to give – naturally, endlessly, and without conditions. She makes flourish our every need. Yet,  she is used, abused, and crucified EVERY SINGLE DAY – oil spills, deforestation, air pollution, fracking. She suffers for every moment that she has to watch her children destroy each other and everything around them with violence, famine, pestilence, war, elitism, greed. She succumbs to her pain and sorrow and dies every night and rips the veil so that we may set our eyes on the Cosmos, so that we may know that there’s something bigger than ourselves. And every morning, she is resurrected with the Sun. She raises up from the deep every morning. So, why celebrate this day? Well, the Earth moves with the natural rhythm of seasons and each season represents something different. Ostara and other similar traditions are the celebration of fertility and new life. It’s animals coming out of hibernation, the birds coming back from migration, bees buzzing, crops peaking from beneath the soil, flowers blooming, and butterflies coming out to play. It’s the snow capped mountains beginning to melt and creating streams and waterfalls that will flow into rivers, lakes, and finally to the ocean’s depths. It’s the celebration of childbirth. It’s giving praise for the way a sunrise looks like a baby’s head crowning as it emerges from the darkness of it’s mother’s primordial womb. Happy Resurrection Sunday, indeed.



Everyday Muses – Baby Girl’s Curls

I’ve been having serious issues with my hair for the last several years now. When I stress or have anxiety attacks, it falls out. When I go through periods of depression, I don’t want to touch it, look at it, so it just gets hidden under a weave or a wig. I’m seriously tired of it. I really want to go completely natural. I tried it before. Did the big chop and started fresh, planning to start natural and grow it out. Then it all fell out again. It would be easier to just keep getting synthetics done to my hair, but I don’t really want to. Mainly because of my kiddo.

She has the most beautiful curls I’ve ever seen. It was this last Yule and I was going to straighten her hair. She just turned five years old and I had never done her hair that way before. She was all excited and we got set up, I started to blow dry her hair and with every passing of the heat over her hair, all the moisture, the glow, the bounce from her hair was stripped away. I only got like two sections in and I just stopped. I told her that we weren’t going to do it and she got upset. “But, mom! I really want you to do it! I don’t like my hair all ‘tangle-y'” I told her that her tangles (okay, naps) are a part of her beauty and that we just have to learn how to work with it. I explained to her that I didn’t feel right doing that to her hair and that I loved her crazy curls. She smiled. I took a spray bottle and wet her hair again. Her curls bounced right back. I took her to stand in the mirror and we had fun parting her hair different ways and dreaming up hair styles. She had the most incredible look of joy and satisfaction on her face as we struck poses in the mirror.

After really meditating on that experience, I can’t see any other choice but natural. What would I look like telling my daughter to leave her hair as The Creator made it and not doing the same? So, what will it be? Fro? Twists? Locs? I will probably have a go with those plus many more. My baby girl inspires me to be me! Look at her beautiful tresses and tell me that ain’t straight from heaven 🙂



Because of the unbecoming business practices of a certain service provider, I have been essentially disconnected from the world for the last few weeks. No phone. No internet. No television. I’ve survived (not sure if I should add an “LOL” here or not) and the solitude left me to do nothing but advance on my path. Lots of reading, writing, rituals, learning, etc. You’d think I’d be overwhelmed, but I’m not. I feel extremely blessed and happy for all that the time alone has afforded me. I feel inclined to keep the details to myself, but I have really leveled up and grown over the last two weeks, and I wouldn’t have been able to do so with the distractions that modern technologies can sometimes cause. My last post was about wealth and abundance and I am receiving a windfall in the form of knowledge and wisdom. I did indeed ask for a blessing from Lakshmi – she delivered 😀

I’m sensing that I will have LOTS to post about upon my return to the internetz, so brace yourselves because you know how much I love to share the wealth!

Blessed Be )O(


What I Know About Wealth

I’m not some guru sitting in a mansion, surrounded by luxury items with servants at my beck and call, so don’t get it twisted and assume that I’m going to tell you how to get money. Now that we’re clear on that – I’d like to speak on my budding Wisdom and Understanding concerning wealth, the True nature of it, and what I know so far about how to attract more if it into one’s life.

There’s a billion and one “get rich quick” schemes out there. You can go to any bookstore or walk passed any kiosk and see a slew of “how to” and “self help books” with the supposed keys to getting money and being wealthy. There are self professed guru’s out there who are just ballin’ outta control and who will gladly take your money so that you can hear them talk and tell you how you can do it too. I’ve never bought into a scheme, purchased a book, or gone to a seminar, but I have sat and wallowed and day dreamed about having more money, about being wealthy and having the freedom to do all the things I want to do. For every person like me who has never fallen into the trap, there are probably ten who have and who will continue to until we (collectively) become consciously aware of the True nature of wealth and how we can actively tap into that source and attract and manifest wealth into our lives.

A wonderful teacher and friend of mine, Tirra Hargrow, states that MONEY = My Own Natural Energy Yield. When I first read this about two years ago, it struck a chord with me, but I couldn’t quite pick up the melody because I wasn’t at the level of Understanding I am now. What I “get” now is that money is merely a physical representation of our ability to wield our energy and create the lives we want to live. Yes, I understand that people used to barter and trade, but I’m speaking about the present, so stay with me. In the present, modern, world, money is what we use to propel ourselves forward in life. We need money to have even our basic (modern) needs met – food, shelter, bills, transportation, education, health care, etc – THEN if we want to have “better” provisions in those areas, we have to make even more money. On top of that, we like to experience leisure and luxury too – gadgets, concerts, road trips, vacations, etc, and that certainly costs money. Some people have the means to do all of this and then some, some people can only indulge sparingly, and some are not able to do it at all; and, to take it even further, there are some people who can’t even fulfill their basic needs.

Poverty consciousness, scarcity, and lack are at the opposite end of the pendulum swing as compared to wealth, abundance, and resources and, as per Universal Law, there can’t be one without the other. Contrary to popular belief, one without the existence of the other DOESN’T mean that others must be without so that others can have. It means that the ability to attract wealth into one’s life is the microcosmic example for the ability for wealth to be the standard in the world at large. “What I can do to consciously attract wealth is applicable to the collective if we were to realize that we are one, massive mind.” – That’s how I break it down for my own Understanding, and now that I’ve done that, it’s time to get to the Wisdom part of it. (Wisdom = Knowledge applied.)

The Wisdom I’ve gained about wealth thus far is that I need to first heal my relationship with money. Money doesn’t make me, I make money. Money doesn’t control me, I control money. It’s a material example of my ability to manifest the life I desire. But before I attract a single dollar, I must remember that, just like everything else, wealth starts first in the ether – THE SPIRIT – and then makes it’s way to the mind, the emotions, and finally into manifestation. To have a wealthy spirit is to be consciously aware of the natural abundance of The All, of The Universe, and of Mother Earth. It’s the ability to be flexible and to be open to whatever opportunities present themselves to grow and ascend spiritually. With that, I leave you with this beautiful image of Goddess Lakshmi! May her grace, beauty, wealth, and abundance nurture your spirit and open you to the wealth all around you!

Mantra to Lakshmi "Om Shri Maha Lakshmyei Namah"


Learn more about Tirra Hargrow and connect with her via her website

Sometimes Things Go Wrong for a Reason

I sent in paperwork three weeks ago to request a continuance on the hearing for the custody of my daughter. Her father and his lawyer have not been cooperating (by which I mean not talking to me at all), so I didn’t feel comfortable going in front of the judge having no information or correspondence. Long story short – the motion did not go through and the hearing is still set for tomorrow. I have no lawyer and I don’t have a single clue as to what’s going on, hence, the request for a continuance. The information I found on the court’s website led me to believe that the motion would be granted provided that I notified the other party, which I sent the money for. Phone lines have been screwy because of the holidays and the offices just opened back up today. I wasn’t anticipating having to go up to Virginia tomorrow, so I don’t have the means to do that. I will have to ask to be heard by phone, or I will just have to forfeit and try again later. I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do thus far, and I can’t afford to be stressed about this. I just can’t. I have to have faith in everything I’ve done up to this point and continue to believe that she will come home in the right time, and I just have to continue to look forward and prepare for that. Maybe there is still a lot of work I need to do before she comes back to be with me. I’m open to receiving whatever Spirit has for me, and whatever package it comes in. This is such a huge plan in “Man plans, God laughs”. I had this play by play in my head of what I was going to do and say and how I was going to get my daughter back, but it’s just not working out that way, and I’m at peace with it. I surrender, and I trust that things will work out for the highest and greatest good in perfect timing. So here’s to not freaking out. Cheers.



Everything came through at the last minute and I got just what I wanted out of it all! I feel so blessed and so free now that this part is over! Glory!


A Year in Review – 2011

I’m sorry if anyone is made butthurt by this, but “New Year’s Resolutions” are silly. Waiting for a new year to start in order to begin doing the things that will make you a better you is absurd. We don’t know what could happen from one SECOND to the next, let alone next year, so be your best self and live to your highest potential EVERY day. Then, you’ll be able look back at the year and say, “Damn, I’m good!” and look forward in confidence, knowing that you’ve set a tone for the coming year with your actions and faith in the present. I’ve taken my own advice, for once, and I’m so pleased with what I see, what I feel, and what I know is coming down the line for me in 2012. It’s important to remain present, but it’s always helpful to recap and set intentions for the future, so I’m going to share a little bit of my story of the last year:

On December 31st 2010 I was still living with my father and brother in a one bedroom apartment near the seedy downtown area of Reno, Nevada. I was sleeping on the floor on a mattress, which I had to lift and set up against the wall every morning before work so that my dog wouldn’t piss or shit on it. I had finally gotten a job after a year and a half of trying, so I was at least making some head way. I was working to earn money and I was working on myself spiritually as well, but I was still a bit lost, wandering. I wanted new and different things for my life and though I was still living in a chaotic and often oppressive environment, at that time I had begun to develop the will power to have faith and believe passed what I could see with my two eyes. As I rode the bus to and from work, I drifted off and allowed myself to create images of something better. I dreamed of working for myself and being an author, just like I’d always wanted. I dreamed of living a creative and fruitful life. I dreamed of having the love and support necessary for my growth. I dreamed of taking back the reigns and living my life in accordance with what was in my heart.

Fast forward to today, December 31st 2011. I’m sitting in my office space typing this, with a beautiful view of the woods just outside my window. I have a sacred space, and the peace, love, and support I need to accomplish my goals personally, spiritually, and career wise. I’ve written and self published my first book and it’s receiving great reviews and support, and I’m preparing to gather resources to invest into other ventures. I’ve been awakened spiritually and I’m on a path that feels like “home”. I’ve made amends with the people, situations, and thoughts that had previously kept me bound to negative energy, and I’ve cast out that which does not serve me. The ability to do this has seen me through a most difficult situation with my daughter, and I continue to see that situation unfold in my favor.

Looking back on 2011, I am so very proud of myself – for having the faith, for taking action, for sharing the love, and for allowing myself to dream. More so than any of that, I am grateful – to The Creator, to my chosen deities, to the angels, to my ancestors, to my spirit and animals guides, and to all the helpers in the unseen realms who have made my ability to live this life possible. I’m thankful for all of the wonderful people who have been placed on my path and I on theirs. I’m blessed for all of the opportunities I’ve been afforded. I’m just so grateful, and so humbled.

With a humble heart and a powerful mind, I look into 2012 and I see more books, a business, stronger relationships, a healthier body, success, prosperity, abundance, opportunities to teach and heal, and more powerful magic! “This or something better”, indeed.