Weekly Tarot

“Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?”

THE HANGED MAN – REVERSED: The Hanged Man is a martyr. Reversed, this card implies a lack of sacrifice and giving of one’s self. This week, with Mercury stationing direct today and the Full Moon on Wednesday, we are being asked to make huge sacrifices in our personal and greater lives. Mercury Retrograde periods can wreak a lot of havoc, but if you are aware and receptive to the shifting of energies, you will see the opportunity for growth. Hiccups can, or should, cause us to be more alert and attentive, and to correct the things that need work. Mercury is governed by Raphael, who is the Archangel of Healing, so many spiritual, mental, emotional, and even physical traumas have the potential to be healed. BUT – It’s no easy process, thus, the sacrifice. You must be willing to forfeit all of your gripes and excuses. Thought forms, word choices, and behavior patterns that do not serve our highest ideals of who we want to be and the lives we want to create must GO! Never to return. We must be willing to sacrifice selfish ways of thinking, interacting, and relating with others, so that we may be more in harmony. I am also channeling this sentiment for humanity as a whole – that we need to sacrifice our perceived “rightness” for the sake of happiness! Major shifts are happening for ALL of us and the behavior patterns we’ve been operating within for the past several hundred years will no longer fly. Am I hoping for a utopian air of world peace? No. I am asking for balance. Individually we are all works in progress, and the same will be so for the world at large. Individually and collectively, we are being asked to give up what we are in hope of what we could be.

Blessed Be!




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