The Basics of Magick – The Elements

In my own words…

Fire – inspiration – nowhere in nature does fire/flame just “exist”. Unseen properties (periodic elements) must come together with a catalyst (match) to create the flame aka inspired ideas from our spirit guides. Fire represents the potential for an idea to manifest.

Air – intellect – the idea has come into our awareness but, like air, there is no firm basis for me. The inspiration is there but we can’t quite “see” it yet, so we must rationalize in order to conceive the possibilities.

Water – form – now that we can conceive that there is a way to make our ideas happen, we become emotionally invested. We feel the joy and wonder, the excitement and the thrill, and we put all of that into our work. Like cupping our hands in a pool of water, we can see and feel its form, but we cannot yet grasp it. Recalling our inspiration, intelligent thought, and emotional fervor, we keep working.

Earth – manifestation – we have combined the prior elements with purpose and zest! And now it is as firm and concrete as the Earth. We can experience it will ALL of our senses!



One thought on “The Basics of Magick – The Elements

  1. Beautifully put. The more powerful the wisdom, the simpler it is. And you have expressed these Elemental powers FANTASTICALLY. This description is a basic tool that ALL spiritual practioners should keep posted in their workshop. Thanks for sharing!

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