The Science of Magick: Channeling Thoth – Djehuti – Hermes Trismegustus


The Universe does indeed respond to sincerity, but, “If at first you do not succeed, try, try again.” The first time you give a go at a spell or other method of magick, it may not “work”. It may not work the second time either, or the third. Not for a lack of knowledge or power, not for a lack of belief or daring nature, but because the use of magick is a science; and not one immaculate invention, known or unknown, was mastered and perfected on the first try. With each seeming failure, you have accumulated an immense pool of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, and have likely been inspired by many other possibilities in the process. This is the bounty of curious experimentation and childlike wonder. Align the highest intention of your spirit with your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions and you can create whatever you desire. You just may have to realign and adjust your methods several times throughout the process. Shield and protect your dreams at all costs, preventing outside influences from interfering with the safety and completion of your work. Make sure to keep yourself focused and in check, save for when it is time for you to allow yourself to go into a state of temporary madness; for madness leads to frenzy, which leads to trance, and trance is the state of divine ecstasy, by which all things are created. And when you finally achieve the result you originally set out for, or better, don’t be fooled – fore it will all seem to have been very difficult. But really, it was simple. You just had to show the work for how you arrived at the answer. – Channeled message from Thoth via Priestess and Oracle Dava Greely


One thought on “The Science of Magick: Channeling Thoth – Djehuti – Hermes Trismegustus

  1. Beautifully put. The common sense behing the Science of Magick. Thanks for the reminder. It applies itself to far more than the practice of magick. 😉

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