Weekly Tarot

Here’s a Tarot Message to start your week off right!

THE LAST JUDGEMENT: Determination, final decision, rejuvenation. Mercury will be in retrograde starting tomorrow, November 6th, and up through the 26th. During a retrograde period, things seem to go bizerk all at once – Mercury is a messenger, so mail gets lost, phones and internet connections go haywire, and communication between people can get very complicated. So retrograde periods are a good time to be easy, observant, and open to what lessons in your life are up for review and clearing. This is a time for the old to be done away with. This also means that all projects you are working on should be completed (finalized) or continued with, but that no NEW projects should be brought into your fold until Mercury returns to regularly scheduled programming. If you are familiar with the Archangels, Orishas, and other guardian spirits, get familiarized with how they correspond to the rulership of the planets. For instance, Archangel Raphael is a guardian of Mercury, so you can work with this spirit if you need help flowing WITH the energy of the retrograde instead of against for a better outcome. Also, it’s been a cold fall so far, so I can only imagine what winter will be like! As we enter into the colder months we must remember that, like everything else in nature, it’s a good time slow down and pause to regather ourselves (rejuvenate) so that we are prepared to blossom and flow in the spring!

Blessed Be and have a great week! ❤ Dava


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