Weekly Tarot

“Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?”

THE HANGED MAN – REVERSED: The Hanged Man is a martyr. Reversed, this card implies a lack of sacrifice and giving of one’s self. This week, with Mercury stationing direct today and the Full Moon on Wednesday, we are being asked to make huge sacrifices in our personal and greater lives. Mercury Retrograde periods can wreak a lot of havoc, but if you are aware and receptive to the shifting of energies, you will see the opportunity for growth. Hiccups can, or should, cause us to be more alert and attentive, and to correct the things that need work. Mercury is governed by Raphael, who is the Archangel of Healing, so many spiritual, mental, emotional, and even physical traumas have the potential to be healed. BUT – It’s no easy process, thus, the sacrifice. You must be willing to forfeit all of your gripes and excuses. Thought forms, word choices, and behavior patterns that do not serve our highest ideals of who we want to be and the lives we want to create must GO! Never to return. We must be willing to sacrifice selfish ways of thinking, interacting, and relating with others, so that we may be more in harmony. I am also channeling this sentiment for humanity as a whole – that we need to sacrifice our perceived “rightness” for the sake of happiness! Major shifts are happening for ALL of us and the behavior patterns we’ve been operating within for the past several hundred years will no longer fly. Am I hoping for a utopian air of world peace? No. I am asking for balance. Individually we are all works in progress, and the same will be so for the world at large. Individually and collectively, we are being asked to give up what we are in hope of what we could be.

Blessed Be!




The Basics of Magick – The Elements

In my own words…

Fire – inspiration – nowhere in nature does fire/flame just “exist”. Unseen properties (periodic elements) must come together with a catalyst (match) to create the flame aka inspired ideas from our spirit guides. Fire represents the potential for an idea to manifest.

Air – intellect – the idea has come into our awareness but, like air, there is no firm basis for me. The inspiration is there but we can’t quite “see” it yet, so we must rationalize in order to conceive the possibilities.

Water – form – now that we can conceive that there is a way to make our ideas happen, we become emotionally invested. We feel the joy and wonder, the excitement and the thrill, and we put all of that into our work. Like cupping our hands in a pool of water, we can see and feel its form, but we cannot yet grasp it. Recalling our inspiration, intelligent thought, and emotional fervor, we keep working.

Earth – manifestation – we have combined the prior elements with purpose and zest! And now it is as firm and concrete as the Earth. We can experience it will ALL of our senses!


Weekly Tarot

KING OF SWORDS (REVERSED): Harsh, malicious, hesitating, and unreliable. We’re nearly a week into the current Mercury retrograde and things are in full swing now. The King of Swords has appeared reversed to remind us to listen more and speak less, lest we find ourselves involved in a great deal of misunderstandings and arguments, which could turn into fights and separations. If that is what is meant to be, it will be, but for those who are looking to hop and hover above the mayhem until the dust settles – quiet is key. If you just MUST get those thoughts and feelings out, your journal, diary, or blog will be your very best friend. In this instance, the pen (or keyboard) truly is mightier than the sword.

Blessed Be and have a wonderful week! ❤

The Science of Magick: Channeling Thoth – Djehuti – Hermes Trismegustus


The Universe does indeed respond to sincerity, but, “If at first you do not succeed, try, try again.” The first time you give a go at a spell or other method of magick, it may not “work”. It may not work the second time either, or the third. Not for a lack of knowledge or power, not for a lack of belief or daring nature, but because the use of magick is a science; and not one immaculate invention, known or unknown, was mastered and perfected on the first try. With each seeming failure, you have accumulated an immense pool of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, and have likely been inspired by many other possibilities in the process. This is the bounty of curious experimentation and childlike wonder. Align the highest intention of your spirit with your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions and you can create whatever you desire. You just may have to realign and adjust your methods several times throughout the process. Shield and protect your dreams at all costs, preventing outside influences from interfering with the safety and completion of your work. Make sure to keep yourself focused and in check, save for when it is time for you to allow yourself to go into a state of temporary madness; for madness leads to frenzy, which leads to trance, and trance is the state of divine ecstasy, by which all things are created. And when you finally achieve the result you originally set out for, or better, don’t be fooled – fore it will all seem to have been very difficult. But really, it was simple. You just had to show the work for how you arrived at the answer. – Channeled message from Thoth via Priestess and Oracle Dava Greely

Weekly Tarot

Here’s a Tarot Message to start your week off right!

THE LAST JUDGEMENT: Determination, final decision, rejuvenation. Mercury will be in retrograde starting tomorrow, November 6th, and up through the 26th. During a retrograde period, things seem to go bizerk all at once – Mercury is a messenger, so mail gets lost, phones and internet connections go haywire, and communication between people can get very complicated. So retrograde periods are a good time to be easy, observant, and open to what lessons in your life are up for review and clearing. This is a time for the old to be done away with. This also means that all projects you are working on should be completed (finalized) or continued with, but that no NEW projects should be brought into your fold until Mercury returns to regularly scheduled programming. If you are familiar with the Archangels, Orishas, and other guardian spirits, get familiarized with how they correspond to the rulership of the planets. For instance, Archangel Raphael is a guardian of Mercury, so you can work with this spirit if you need help flowing WITH the energy of the retrograde instead of against for a better outcome. Also, it’s been a cold fall so far, so I can only imagine what winter will be like! As we enter into the colder months we must remember that, like everything else in nature, it’s a good time slow down and pause to regather ourselves (rejuvenate) so that we are prepared to blossom and flow in the spring!

Blessed Be and have a great week! ❤ Dava