Where Does Racism Fit Into Spirituality?

This is a video blog (vlog?) I did yesterday evening. I’d been running these thoughts through my mind systematically as I continued to be witness to and confronted by the bigotry in the African American community. The following is the direct quote of the facebook status rant I’m referring to in the video:

“BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS IS A MYTH! Yeah, I said it. These egotistical black people so desperate to connect to Africa that they end up being just as racist and bigoted as the white people they swear are SO evil and hateful make me fucking SICK!!! I love who I have incarnated as this round, the people, the roots, the culture, the heritage and I love my ancestors – but I also love EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in Creation, “good” and “bad”. What’s good SHOULD be loved and what it not should be too because that’s the only way to transmute it. /endrant (for now)”

Peep the video and tell me what you think! Also, below are some thoughts I jotted down in my journal about my thoughts and feelings.


Whatever you want to call it – is ALL INCLUSIVE – The Creator of EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. Even an atheist who believes that “everything comes from nothing” must also conclude that everything comes from THE SAME nothing.

“The Universe is Mental”

Think of The Creator as an artist – a painter – a composer.

The body of work from a truly limitless creative mind is going to use every color, every sound, on the spectrum to express itself. When viewing a painting as a whole – The splashes of blue are not more important than the splotches of red – the lighter point of gradation is not superior to the more intense hue. The stippling is not more essential to the piece than the wide washes of color. When listening to a song, the treble is not more important than the bass. The crash of the symbol is not superior to the wailing of the trumpet. When you look at the entirety of the painting, or listen to the entirety of the song, ALL PARTS ARE EQUAL and essential to the masterpiece. There is no unnecessary or unwanted detail or the artist would not have included it.

All of that being said – person can’t truly call themselves “conscious” of or unified with The Creator if they still accept, believe, and express even latent racism as a part of their spirituality and their philosophies about perceived “others”. Spirit, also another name for Consciousness, is without limits. So, if your spirituality includes a superiority complex in contrast to other cultures, races, and spiritual or religious practices – you are not really conscious of Consciousness – aka “BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS” IS A MYTH.

Also – so called black consciousness and African spirituality are NOT the same! I am not discouraging people from celebrating and practicing the spiritual ways that are indigenous to their ancestors, in fact, I IMPLORE everyone to do that! Every culture has a rich and deep well of wisdom, knowledge, and colorful, fruitful practices to learn and grow from. What I’m saying is – humble yourself to the fact that “yours is not better than theirs” – there is no ours and theirs – we really are ONE people (also one with plants and animals). We are unique expressions of the mind of the Divine. We are not meant to be the same – VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE! Have you ever shaken your head at an artist who puts out a CD on which 80% of the songs sound the same? How many times have you rolled your eyes at the film industry doing a prequel, sequel, and remake of the same damn movie? I think to myself, “Have they run out of ideas or what?” And the answer is a resounding YES! These are the products of minds with limits. The All Mighty Creator (again, whatever you call it or however you perceive it) does not have that problem.

Another thing – No one culture, race, or religion has ownership of esoteric knowledge – it’s Universal public (Akashic) record, available to anyone who seeks it. Their intentions and karma are between them and The Creator. Stop saying “THEY STOLE OUR GODS AND GODDESSES!” It’s juvenile and asinine! The spirits of the deities manifest when and how they need to. Yashua/Jesus is not a ripoff of the Egyptian Sun god. It’s the same energy reincarnating and manifesting itself in parallels of time and space. A spirit cannot exist in this physical realm without a body – So when deities (ascended masters, angels) walk among people, they tend to take on the names and cultural attributes of the people they visit.

It’s 2012 – RACE, COLOR should not be a factor for you in your heart’s desire is to be totally and truly ONE with The Creator. No souls journey is superior or more important than another’s.


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