Packaging Phase – Crafty Stuff Part 2

The cello bags are from Oriental Trading and the ribbon is from The Dollar Store. Go cheap where you can - This is a highly addictive hobby and can hurt your pockets if you're not smart about it! LOL

This item is call Spring Snow Bubbling Bath Soak. The combination of the shea and jojoba butters with a botanical and Hunny Bunny fragrance oil (from Nature's Garden, plus a mix of rose, lavender, and calendula flowers is just divine!

These Bubble Wands are scented with Magic Potion fragrance oil from Nature's Garden and they smell amazing! Hold the stick and swish the contents of the bubble bar in the tub to release the bubbles, color, shimmer, and skin loving ingredients!

I have a several other items that I’ve been working on but I don’t have pics available because I need a camera that can do them justice. Since I haven’t given away anything yet I’ve mostly been my own guinea pig! I haven’t had any kinds of accidents or reactions as far as irritation or anything. I’ve actually seen my skin improve, plus it’s really uplifting to pamper myself with products I’ve made. It’s like I’m validating myself haha! I’ve had a couple of OMG OMG OMG WHAT DO I DO moments with product making, but most everything has turned out very well. Another thing I find really cool with making products, or, anything creative really, is that (unless you totally wreck something) you can salvage it and turn it into something else – and a lot of times what you end up with can be far more awesome than what you set out to do haha – Dava


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