What I’ve Been Up To – Crafty Stuff

I took a leap and invested some money in beginning my handmade beauty journey and I’ve been having a complete blast! As part of setting my intentions this year I mentioned that I desired an opportunity to go from researching to getting more hands on and Spirit certainly came through! This is something I’ve been wanting to do since childhood and the actuality of it is so fun and enchanting! This year will be full of experimentation, gifting, and receiving feedback. My desire is to one day turn my passion for handcrafted beauty products into a successful business. So mote it be! )O(

Bubble bars scented with Butterfly Hugs. Shaped like butterflies and decorated with sugar pearls.

Bubble bar scented with Fluffy Pink Candy and decorated with candy sprinkles.

Most of my scents and decorations were purchased from Nature’s Garden:




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