Everyday Muses – Baby Girl’s Curls

I’ve been having serious issues with my hair for the last several years now. When I stress or have anxiety attacks, it falls out. When I go through periods of depression, I don’t want to touch it, look at it, so it just gets hidden under a weave or a wig. I’m seriously tired of it. I really want to go completely natural. I tried it before. Did the big chop and started fresh, planning to start natural and grow it out. Then it all fell out again. It would be easier to just keep getting synthetics done to my hair, but I don’t really want to. Mainly because of my kiddo.

She has the most beautiful curls I’ve ever seen. It was this last Yule and I was going to straighten her hair. She just turned five years old and I had never done her hair that way before. She was all excited and we got set up, I started to blow dry her hair and with every passing of the heat over her hair, all the moisture, the glow, the bounce from her hair was stripped away. I only got like two sections in and I just stopped. I told her that we weren’t going to do it and she got upset. “But, mom! I really want you to do it! I don’t like my hair all ‘tangle-y'” I told her that her tangles (okay, naps) are a part of her beauty and that we just have to learn how to work with it. I explained to her that I didn’t feel right doing that to her hair and that I loved her crazy curls. She smiled. I took a spray bottle and wet her hair again. Her curls bounced right back. I took her to stand in the mirror and we had fun parting her hair different ways and dreaming up hair styles. She had the most incredible look of joy and satisfaction on her face as we struck poses in the mirror.

After really meditating on that experience, I can’t see any other choice but natural. What would I look like telling my daughter to leave her hair as The Creator made it and not doing the same? So, what will it be? Fro? Twists? Locs? I will probably have a go with those plus many more. My baby girl inspires me to be me! Look at her beautiful tresses and tell me that ain’t straight from heaven 🙂



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