Oracle Reading for 2.6.2012

The Horse King has ridden up to us atop his noble steed and brought with him lessons of assistance and control.

When you charge forward with your dreams and goals and you trust that you are working in accordance with Divine will, you are free to express and create in your own unique way. This entity has come to teach us that while we’re striving for the life we desire to live, we don’t have to do it all on our own. Be discerning about who you allow into your circle, but when you find that a person has genuinely been placed on your path, be open to receiving the help! We are not meant to carry and do everything on our own, but so many people take on the attitude of “I don’t need help” and while one can be convinced of it and try to play the hero,  it’s just not very smart. Granted, the work may still get done, but at what expense? Exhaustion? Burnout? Stress? Health problems? Don’t live in fear and think that you must control everything. It will, without a doubt, hurt you and the people around you, because no one is meant to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders alone. No matter if what you’re dealing with is spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, or if we’re talking about a business or a creative venture – with anything in life – EASE UP ON THE REIGNS! Whether you need to “Let go and let God” and let the Divine lead you, or if you need to delegate some responsibilities to other friends, family members, or employees – DO IT! If someone offers help, don’t be so proud that you cannot accept what has clearly presented itself as a gift to you. The Horse King embodies the assistance that can gallop into our lives and help us, but only if we humble ourselves and hop on the back.

I hope you enjoyed today’s weekly Oracle reading – stay tuned for more!

Blessed Be




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