Oracle Reading for 1.30.2012

Alright, alright! I’M BACK! I’m going to kick off my return with a reading for everyone, and I want doing a reading for you all each Monday to become a ritual, so keep me on my toes!

The Sun Dancers twirled across our path today bring us wisdom about joyful activity, celebration of life, and abundance. They came to remind us about the laws of attraction and how important it is to be joyful and giving praise. When we do this, we attract more to be joyful and give praise about! Lift the vibration of your energy to match the energy of whatever it is you wish to manifest in your life. Give thanks as if it’s already manifested in front of you and DANCE a dance of victory, as if you’ve already won, as if you’ve already achieved your goal!

We are in control of our thoughts, emotions, and actions. That being said, sometimes things happen that are not within our control and it results in events and situations that we don’t like. “Bad things” or unfavorable situations do not indicate an inability to create what we desire, it means that life happens – and what REALLY matters is how we choose to react in these given situations. More so than when times are good, when you face difficulty, turn up the volume on the song your heart sings and continue to dance and bask in the warmth of the sun. If you can still choose love, light, joy, and happiness in the face of difficulty, then you have reached a level of self mastery. Just as the sun comes up every morning, trust in the Divine to help you rise above any difficulties you face.

Thanks for reading and Blessed Be! )O(



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