Because of the unbecoming business practices of a certain service provider, I have been essentially disconnected from the world for the last few weeks. No phone. No internet. No television. I’ve survived (not sure if I should add an “LOL” here or not) and the solitude left me to do nothing but advance on my path. Lots of reading, writing, rituals, learning, etc. You’d think I’d be overwhelmed, but I’m not. I feel extremely blessed and happy for all that the time alone has afforded me. I feel inclined to keep the details to myself, but I have really leveled up and grown over the last two weeks, and I wouldn’t have been able to do so with the distractions that modern technologies can sometimes cause. My last post was about wealth and abundance and I am receiving a windfall in the form of knowledge and wisdom. I did indeed ask for a blessing from Lakshmi – she delivered 😀

I’m sensing that I will have LOTS to post about upon my return to the internetz, so brace yourselves because you know how much I love to share the wealth!

Blessed Be )O(



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