What I Know About Wealth

I’m not some guru sitting in a mansion, surrounded by luxury items with servants at my beck and call, so don’t get it twisted and assume that I’m going to tell you how to get money. Now that we’re clear on that – I’d like to speak on my budding Wisdom and Understanding concerning wealth, the True nature of it, and what I know so far about how to attract more if it into one’s life.

There’s a billion and one “get rich quick” schemes out there. You can go to any bookstore or walk passed any kiosk and see a slew of “how to” and “self help books” with the supposed keys to getting money and being wealthy. There are self professed guru’s out there who are just ballin’ outta control and who will gladly take your money so that you can hear them talk and tell you how you can do it too. I’ve never bought into a scheme, purchased a book, or gone to a seminar, but I have sat and wallowed and day dreamed about having more money, about being wealthy and having the freedom to do all the things I want to do. For every person like me who has never fallen into the trap, there are probably ten who have and who will continue to until we (collectively) become consciously aware of the True nature of wealth and how we can actively tap into that source and attract and manifest wealth into our lives.

A wonderful teacher and friend of mine, Tirra Hargrow, states that MONEY = My Own Natural Energy Yield. When I first read this about two years ago, it struck a chord with me, but I couldn’t quite pick up the melody because I wasn’t at the level of Understanding I am now. What I “get” now is that money is merely a physical representation of our ability to wield our energy and create the lives we want to live. Yes, I understand that people used to barter and trade, but I’m speaking about the present, so stay with me. In the present, modern, world, money is what we use to propel ourselves forward in life. We need money to have even our basic (modern) needs met – food, shelter, bills, transportation, education, health care, etc – THEN if we want to have “better” provisions in those areas, we have to make even more money. On top of that, we like to experience leisure and luxury too – gadgets, concerts, road trips, vacations, etc, and that certainly costs money. Some people have the means to do all of this and then some, some people can only indulge sparingly, and some are not able to do it at all; and, to take it even further, there are some people who can’t even fulfill their basic needs.

Poverty consciousness, scarcity, and lack are at the opposite end of the pendulum swing as compared to wealth, abundance, and resources and, as per Universal Law, there can’t be one without the other. Contrary to popular belief, one without the existence of the other DOESN’T mean that others must be without so that others can have. It means that the ability to attract wealth into one’s life is the microcosmic example for the ability for wealth to be the standard in the world at large. “What I can do to consciously attract wealth is applicable to the collective if we were to realize that we are one, massive mind.” – That’s how I break it down for my own Understanding, and now that I’ve done that, it’s time to get to the Wisdom part of it. (Wisdom = Knowledge applied.)

The Wisdom I’ve gained about wealth thus far is that I need to first heal my relationship with money. Money doesn’t make me, I make money. Money doesn’t control me, I control money. It’s a material example of my ability to manifest the life I desire. But before I attract a single dollar, I must remember that, just like everything else, wealth starts first in the ether – THE SPIRIT – and then makes it’s way to the mind, the emotions, and finally into manifestation. To have a wealthy spirit is to be consciously aware of the natural abundance of The All, of The Universe, and of Mother Earth. It’s the ability to be flexible and to be open to whatever opportunities present themselves to grow and ascend spiritually. With that, I leave you with this beautiful image of Goddess Lakshmi! May her grace, beauty, wealth, and abundance nurture your spirit and open you to the wealth all around you!

Mantra to Lakshmi "Om Shri Maha Lakshmyei Namah"


Learn more about Tirra Hargrow and connect with her via her website http://www.goddess-body-mind-spirit.com/


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