The Value of Silence

“Loose lips sink ships!” as the old adage goes. This is one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned as I continue to travel down my spiritual path. Delving into the value of silence was partially inspired by a post from a like spirited sister of mine, Yvonne Nieves. She wrote about how anxious one gets when their path is first discovered – you want to know everything and you want everyone to know that you want to know everything. You want to share with everyone what you’re experiencing because you’re just so damn excited! It’s great that you’re happy to be on the road to what has always been meant for you, but check yourself on how open you are and how much you share of your personal journey and what information you find. If it were meant to be shared and known by everyone, it would not be classified as occult or arcane. I was guilty of running off at the mouth for a time. I was beside myself with joy over discovering my real self and my purpose, and I still am, but I understand the value of keeping what has been revealed to me to myself. Especially in light of the fact that truest and deepest nature of something isn’t always revealed right away – the more input and insight is given by people and energies outside of oneself and one’s connection to Source, the more the original message gets diluted and lost on the fray. So close your lips and open your mind and heart, even though it’s really hard to do at first.

It’s a wonderful feeling – that sense of being “home” when one finally finds their calling, their path, their truth, and while it’s natural to want to find others who are on a similar path and to want to share your joy, the way in which you do it is very important. Everyone does not need to know every time you have a deep thought or make a new discovery. You don’t have to run and get on twitter or post a new facebook status to tell everyone about what meditation you did and how great it felt, or what ritual you’re going to perform tonight, nor do you need to share all information you stumble across. And you most certainly don’t need to, moreover you probably shouldn’t, spill about all of the experiences that are personal to your journey because THEY’RE FOR YOU! If you receive a message that’s general and would be relevant to the world and to the lives of the people around you, by all means, share the wealth. But not every happening, discovery, or thought you experience is meant to be told or shared – some things are truly meant to be held close to your heart in safety – remaining sacred.  Write it all out in your journal or your Book of Shadows, absolutely, but don’t feel the need to broadcast everything over every social media and networking outlet you can think of, for it diminishes the value of why it was meant for you and you alone. Silence is a virtue after all, and it becomes more and more important as you come to understand that whatever path you’re on is really the one for you. “To be adept is to be quiet as kept.” – Dava Greely

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