Oracle Reading for 1.4.2012

The Wise Woman of Wonderland has appeared as an Ally bringing messages of integrity and compromise. This is a great message for the New Year especially – it’s an opportunity to learn how to be more in command of your life and to be a part of the survival and thriving of the Earth and all life that dwells here!

Be conscious of your thoughts, words, and actions because the kinds of vibrations you send out through those channels are the same types that come back to you – so choose what kind of day, week, month, year, LIFE you’d like to have in each moment. Move with integrity throughout each day and watch things bend and shape around you to suit the desires of your heart. This is an especially important message in the year 2012 as the Earth and its inhabitants experience the shifts that have been predicted by ancient cultures the world over. We collectively have the power to change the world in every sense of the phrase. Our thoughts now are bombarded with worry, fear, violence, and lack – and that’s exactly what we see in the world. If we were to refuse to accept those streams of negative vibrations and switch our thoughts, word, and actions into those of faith, joy, justice, and abundance – we would effectively transmute the energy vibrations to attract those things and manifest them on Earth. SPREAD THE WORD! With integrity of course!

Compromise is great in some cases, but not in all of them, and The Wise Woman of Wonderland has also come to teach us that we are not to give up and set aside what we feel in our hearts that Spirit has for us. Stand firm, strong, and in full faith in who you are and what you’re here on this Earth to do. Let no one sway you and be aware of your own subconscious thoughts, which sometimes can be more damaging those of another. Your resolve will cause circumstances and people to fall away from you, but don’t fret! If you truly believe that you have a purpose, then be content with the removal of anything and anyone who stands in your way. It may be a friend, a family member, a situation, an event, a job – it could be anyone of those things and then some. If you feel a sense of relief when it falls away – if you feel lighter, like you’re able to travel towards where you really want to go – be content! But once those obstacles are removed, we must circle back around to integrity – move forward with integrity.


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