Oracle Reading for 12.26.2011

The Cosmos

Bringing messages of creativity and vastness, today we’re being asked to widen our scopes as to allow ourselves to accept and understand the majesty and power of The Cosmos. The Universe is the endlessly vast darkness from which all things spring forth – seen and unseen. Tapping into the raw and limitless creative power of the universe gives each and every one of us the ability to call (fire), create (air), form (water) , and manifest (earth) our desires both individually and on a grand scale. Our essence is that of CREATION, so live in your Truth and CREATE the life and the world you want to see by following your passions and using your passions to reach and help others. INTENTIONS ARE CONTAGIOUS! So make sure that you set your intentions for “the highest and greatest good of all” and then release them out into the universe in full faith in your Divine right to co-create with The Cosmos.

No dream is too big or to small – what Great Mystery has for you is FOR YOU! So don’t let influences from friends, family, or media sway you away from what The Creator has placed in your heart to do. If you like it, you’ve got to surround yourself with people who LOVE it! Let your spirit guide you to people who are living and acting in that same creative vibration and take solace in any place that allows you to be your authentic, creative, POWERFUL self! When you consistently redirect your thoughts and actions to what you DO WANT to see in your life, the universe will respond and you will watch old habits, situations, and people fall away from you and be replaced by habits, situations, and people that further your desires and your overall purpose.

As the world experiences a multitude of paradigm shifts and is reawakened to The Divine Feminine, we will see a rise in consciousness – We will collectively reach an understanding and a reverence concerning the Divine within us, and we will learn that is is VERY possible to create not just the individual lives, but the WORLD we want to see – A world where health, wealth, and justice is the REALITY of the world instead of a sparse fantasy. This is a time for way more than New Year’s resolutions. It’s time for a New World, and we collectively have the power to bring that dream into manifestation!

Blessed Be )O(



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