Excerpts & Insights from Chapter 7 of Nobody Puts Crack Baby in a Corner

“With Lorelai being tight on cash, I experienced yet another kind of duality in my life – abundance and lack. She took me with her to the dollar store once and, before we went in, she told me to watch and tell her if someone was coming. We were in and out pretty quickly, and when we got back home, I saw some straight up magical shit! Out of her jacket, she pulled a carton of eggs, a loaf of bread, a half gallon of milk, and a big ass box of corn flakes. Those were our rations for the week. At my grandma’s house, we never seemed to have enough. At Diane’s house, there was always an overflow of everything. I chuckle to myself every time I think back to when I would open a cabinet or refrigerator door at Diane’s house, and do the running man out of sheer joy. Everything was always full, and name-brand too.”


I continued to experience both abundance and lack throughout my young adult life and I learned that there are joys and pains of both. I feel that I had to know one to know the other, so I’m extremely grateful for each and every experience. As I grow in my career and in life, I desire to live abundantly, and I know that I’d never really be able to appreciate it if it weren’t for those sparse and desperate times.



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