Ode to Xochiquetzal

Ode to Xochiquetzal

Keeper of the flora and fauna,
Tonantzin, Our Venerable Mother, Black Madonna.
Carry her words on the wings of a quetzal bird,
so that the voice of our Beloved will be heard.
Take her melody low and high,
on the wings of a butterfly.
Every second of every hour,
spread her Wisdom as a bee does pollen, gracing every flower.
The lyrics to the song my heart sings,
fly them to Great Mystery on angel wings.
That I may be blessed with her beauty and sensuality,
gifted with the craft of weaving,and the power to create my own reality.
Teach me non judgement, strip away duality.
Fill me with your essence,
O beautiful Xochiquetzal!

P.S. Check out this piece of jewelery that I saved from my grandmother’s estate sale when she passed away. It called to me and I have kept it with me for ten years, not knowing what it was until now. Pay close attention to the image of Xochiquetzal and tell me what you see!


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