Oracle Reading for 12.21.2011

The Resting Tree

The Resting Tree brings messages of patience and stillness. This is so fitting as we prepare to celebrate the Winter holidays and our beloved Winter Solstice. Winter is the season of “the deep freeze” – Animals big and small gather food for winter and nest deep inside their homes. Bears hibernate. Seeds drop from the plants and burrow in the soil.  – And then lie in wait, and they trust that spring will come, just as it always does. The energy of The Resting Tree has come to tell us that there is a time for action and there is a time for rest, and now is time for the latter. Stop being a busy body and just kick back and enjoy the holiday season. Think about your goals for the coming year, send your intentions out into the universe, and then let go and relax! Think of freezing water and what that means for the molecules – It means that they slow down and stop moving. When you allow yourself the opportunity to rest and to slow and stop, you will have time to enjoy each moment, to release the old, and to make way for the new. You will be open and ready to receive the bounty of the spring! Just like the plants and animals do, trust that the seasons will always come to pass and that it’s okay to hibernate and be still for a little while. Trust in the Divine purpose of each season and that, in due time, your dreams will manifest. But for now, just rest, and don’t you dare let anyone make you feel bad for doing so 🙂



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