Discussion Group Gems – Prostitution

What would YOU do to survive?

At this very moment, I’m engaged in a discussion group created by one of my spiritually inclined sistren. The topic she just posted is as follows:

“In your opinion,having on random sex,selling sex,or being in a situation that forces you to open up on that level..how do you feel about it?Do you think its dangerous on a spiritual level? And how?”

It took me but a brief second to respond:

“Sex is a form of magic and, like any other form of magic, a person’s intentions and use are what counts, not the sex itself. I don’t look down on people who use sex magic to make money, especially when the money is used feed themselves and their families. But I do give the side eye to people who use sex to manipulate, control, and hurt others.”

She “liked” it and responded with a whoop and a holler.

I followed up with this comment:

“With Xochiquetzal as the deity who revealed herself to me, I came to understand the practice of prostitution. Among many other things, Xochiquetzal is a patron and protector of prostitutes. My mother was one. She told me some time ago about how she learned to use sex to get her needs met and survive. When I struggled as a single mother with my own daughter, I won’t lie, I thought about it. I couldn’t bring myself to do it, but I seriously considered it as a viable option. I know what it’s like to be at that point of desperation. So I will never again in life look down on anyone who used their body to make ends meet.”

People get so gung-ho when they talk about what they would do to survive if they of their families were being attacked. All of a sudden, they’re masters of every martial art, and highly trained in weaponry. They would do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to protect themselves. Women seem to be the worst about it. Maybe because they feel the need to over compensate for the perceived notion that women are the weaker sex. I get it. The paradox here is that many of these same women will look down upon and condemn women who sell sex to make money to provide for themselves and their children. “That’s disgusting.” “I would never stoop to that level.” “That’s sinful.” “They’re to lazy to find and keep a real job.” The truth is that, in addition to women with pimps, or even independent workers, many women who have jobs still sell sex on the side because the paychecks just aren’t cutting it. Some of them have husbands. The point of all this is that why is there a difference between fighting off an attacker with violence and fighting off starvation and lack with sex? In both cases, a person is doing whatever they have to do to provide safety and necessities for those they love. I wonder what would happen to the women who look self-righteously down their noses if they were in a situation where the only options were screw, or starve. I really do wonder….


I talk about this very subject in my debuting novel, which is featured in my “Books” tab on my website. Stay tuned for information on the release of the book, and for my tribute to beautiful Xochiquetzal! The synchronicity is incredible!



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