I’m on a whoe…nuva…levah…

Watch the video to get the joke. When you’re done laughing, read and receive the wisdom I’m sharing with you!


During this time of reflection and growth, I have really gotten a change to see how much I’ve grown as both a person and I spirit. I’ve seen the direction I’ve grown in, and just how far I’ve gotten. Where I was once ignorant, I am knowledgeable. Where I was stubborn, I am detached. Where I was weak, I am strong. Where I gave too much away, I am now in control. I submit only to energies that are higher than myself in vibration. No person can sway my emotions. No one can influence my actions in a way that is not in accordance with my purpose. I’ve taken the reigns where I have power, and in all other things, I trust that Great Mystery will orchestrate what is in my highest and greatest good. I have goals and visions for my life, and I take the actions that will help them manifest. But, no matter how big I can dream, I never make plans. “Man plans, God laughs”. Indeed. When I pray, I do as practitioners who have come before me suggest and ask for “This, or something better”. It’s part of our magic to have a grand imagination and to dream, but The Universe can dream bigger for us than we ever could for ourselves! We have the divine power of creation within us, but who better to help than The Creator Him/Herself? This Wisdom and Understanding has become the basis for how I operate in life, and it has most definitely taken me to a whoe…nuva…LEVAH!

What takes YOU to new levels? Fill me in and share the wealth of Knowledge and Understanding!



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