Victim or Victor?

This is a piece I wrote and posted on facebook in May of this year, 2011. It has been slightly edited to accommodate my ever expanding wisdom and understanding. I was inspired to write it as I went through a period of reflection and realized just how much my perception of myself and the world around me had changed, and the blessings I witnessed come into my life as a result. To be honest, I haven’t thought about this piece much since I wrote it. I’ve been facing some difficulties over the last 24 hours and I was reminded of it. This is a live lesson on practicing what I preach!


Even the most mundane day is an epic battle – with our egos, emotions, spirits, circumstances, and relationships. And, each day, we ALL face the same ULTIMATE choice – “Will I be a VICTIM, or will I be a VICTOR today?” The first three letters are the same – signifying any given situation you may find yourself in. But those last three letters, that’s where the CHOICE lies.

VicTIM or VicTOR

-tim = TIMID

-tor = TORRENT

Will you be TIMID or will you be a TORRENT? Will you sit idly by and let your emotions and the intentions of others get the best of you and change the course of your life as you desire it, or will you battle it out as a force to be reckoned with?

It’s easy to let things happen. There’s no work involved in being a victim – You can even throw your hand across your forehead, say “WOE IS ME!”, faint, and hope that someone will save you. Some people choose to be victims their entire lives; and sometimes, we find ourselves being the ones to (reluctantly) come to their rescue. Sometimes we do it out of guilt, other times out of a sense of obligation. We pity them, we get angry with them; all the while, some of us are victims too. We’re so busy saving others that we don’t take note of the fact that we need to save OURSELVES!

To be a victor, you have to be a highly trained soldier. You can’t be enlisted to be a victor; you have to willingly sign up! And if you want to be in Special Forces you have to be CHOSEN! You have to be ready, willing, and able. “Nothing worth doing is ever easy” is a quote I’ve read many times, in many places; and it rings true. In order to be a victor you must train, strategize, trust in yourself, your comrades, and your commanding officer:

Train – prayer, meditation, studying, divination

Strategize – setting goals, making a plan of action and executing it, holding yourself accountable/responsible

Comrades – friends, family, sages with whom you seek counsel and who will battle right beside you in the trenches

Commanding Officer – The Creator, the deity you are devoted to, that “small voice” you hear when you quiet your mind

Not every battle will be won, well all fall short; but if you remain persistent, diligent, and alert, you WILL win the WAR! Choose victory, and let the means come as they may. Choose your highest self, and not your ego. Choose self-mastery, even with “the small things”, and let the uniform of your life be decorated with honors! Be a warrior all of your days and have peace – because you can’t have one without the other.



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