Why I Don’t Fear God

This is what fear looks like. Is this how you feel when you think of God?

Why does The Bible say that Jesus says “There is no fear in love…” (1 John 4:18) but then in a gajillion other verses it tells us to “fear the Lord Your God”?

The easy answer is that The Bible is full of contradictions because it was changed by evil, power hungry men who made God in their image to suit a certain agenda, but I can’t just leave it at that, so here are my mental ramblings on the notion that we should fear the Christian God and why Jesus was saying something completely different. Such a rebel.

Firstly, Jesus is not his name. His name is Yashua (Yahoshua if you’re doing an invocation or sealing a prayer). Secondly, he was a man and an ascended master. He spoke the Truth and the rich and powerful men of the time didn’t like it, so they killed him off. This is the truth that Yashua spoke in 1 John 4:18 in its entirety:

“18There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”  -KJV

What IS fear, then? I don’t know that I can define it precisely in my own words because people interpret and experience the emotion differently, as evidenced by the fact that people fear all sorts of different things. Clowns, water, heights, vomit, bananas, Birkenstock sandals – it could be ANYTHING! How else could Fear Factor be such a hit show? People love to watch others facing their fears, whether they overcome them or not. I have a love for spiders because they appeared as spirit guides to teach me their medicine. Accepting the spider on my animal totem has taught me about the power of weaving thoughts and emotions in such a way to create my own reality, to create the life I desire. This wisdom has changed my life forever, and for the better! I feared spiders for many years prior – full on arachnophobia – ask my mom. It was the destroying of the fear that allowed me to embrace them and learn what they had come to teach. So, again I ask, what is fear?

Fear is paralysis – it’s an immobilizing agent that stops a person their tracks. How many people do we know who had a talent and a passion but never did anything with it out of the FEAR of failure? Fear inhibits one from embracing all things, people, and situations and living a full life. With that being said, WHY are we told to fear the Christian God, or any deity for that matter?

If you’re paralyzed in the face of something, you are powerless against it. If you’re powerless against it then you are oppressed by it. Despite how much you want to believe that you have a loving relationship, you CANNOT have a truly loving relationship with something or someone you fear. And so, you can have no real desire to be in unity with said person or thing, even when you believe with your whole heart that you do. If you cannot be united with it, you cannot have Oneness, and without that knowledge of being one with such a powerful and creative entity, you have no power over your own life. People who are insistent upon fearing God are convinced that they are separate from The Creator and that they must depend on “it” to live a decent life. Little do they know, the power of The Creator is WITHIN us because we came from it. Just like our parents here on Earth, we have inherited the genes and traits of that which we came from – “As above, so below.” On that note, let’s look at another verse from beloved Yashua:

“6I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.” – KJV

He said it himself, we are ALL children of The Most High (The Creator) Being children born from that creative energy means that we have the power to rule and to create within the codes of our DNA! As an adult who was abused as a child who is determined to not repeat those behaviors with her own child, this is how I can best debunk they myth that fearing God will bring you closer to Him:

I grew up being terrified of my abuser. I thought I loved her and that she loved me because she was my granny. That is still so – I love my grandmother because I am love – but there was no love in that relationship because of the fear that resulted from the abuse. Love is the energy of creation. Beating, mutilating, and verbally abusing a child is all around destructive, don’t you agree? I say all of this to say that, when I grew up, I had no desire to have a relationship with my grandmother, and I most definitely didn’t want to be like her. My adult self has forgiven her, but my inner child is still wounded and fearful, though I am working on nurturing that child. The point is – I had no desire to have a united relationship with my grandmother, nor would I accept being made in her likeness. In that same way, fearing God makes it so that people separate themselves from The Divine and deny that they are of its essence.

I worship and give full glory to both Father God and Mother Goddess, equally and greatly.  We have a loving relationship and I do not fear them, not one iota. I desire to be like them and I realize and embrace my own power to create. Fear is paralyzing, and I am quite content with being MOVED by the love of Great Spirit.

Blessed Be )O(



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