Excerpts & Insigts from Chapter 5 of Nobody Puts Crack Baby in a Corner

“If I had known all along what it meant to be a big sister, I probably wouldn’t have signed up for it. The novelty wore off fast and Lilly quickly

became the bane of my existence.

I was not “the baby” anymore. I wasn’t even the oldest. With the older two girls out of the house, Carrie Lee had taken her rank as the oldest, so that left me in the middle. I was an only child, then the youngest of four, and then the (dreaded) middle child.

Carrie Lee was living out her teenage years in typical fashion – Talking on the phone with boys, sneaking out, copping a ‘tude, and doing all sorts of stuff that I wasn’t allowed to do because I was too young.

Lilly was the baby, so she could do no wrong.

I couldn’t even breathe funny without getting put on time out. I didn’t verbalize my sentiments then, but I spent a lot of time mumbling, “This is bullshit,” to myself. We did our share of fighting, bickering, and tattle telling, but we also had a lot of fun.”


I had been separated from my biological siblings because of my mothers choices, but I grew up among four foster sisters, and that made for plenty of stories to tell. It was quite the tumult, being my foster mother’s one and only and then being thrust into a situation where I was one of four. I was her baby and she preferred me when the three eldest girls were in the house. There was an awkward and often hostile energy between daddy’s little girls and the new wife. My foster mother very much preferred me during those times, and then my youngest foster sister came into the picture and I found myself being eclipsed by what she meant to our family structure. All of these transitions within a two year time span were hard on each one of us in our own particular ways.

-D.D. Greely


Stay tuned for more Excerpts & Insights and get ready for the book release on amazon.com this winter holiday season!


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