Living My Bliss

The trending topic on the “like” page this week for Nobody Puts Crack Baby in a Corner has been all about how we got here. (see the “like” box below) I’m very candid about the events surrounding my conception and what kind of situation I was born into and I was interested to hear other people’s stories. As I thought more about the subject of origins, I began to ponder on the “nature vs. nurture” argument and about what I thought the truth was behind it. I went through a lot of hell because of things that were out of my control, and I continued to go through hell until I came to an understanding and decided to take accountability for my life. I posed the following topic for discussion earlier for today:

“If you found it difficult to answer my last question, “Why are you here and what are you here to do?”, take time over the weekend to look inside yourself and consider who you’d be and what you’d love to do with your life if your world view wasn’t so jaded by the difficulties and dark moments you’ve experienced.

Who would you be and what would you be doing if the only influence you had was your own voice? Completely free of the ego that has been built by the experiences and interactions you’ve had with others – no expectations from anyone, no one telling you what you should or shouldn’t do, or that you can’t – just your voice and the intrinsic “knowing” of who you are and what brings you bliss – allow yourself to revel in that vision, and watch the magic happen!”

I had been thinking about everything I’ve been through, all the choices I’ve made and all the choices that were made for me. I look at where I am now as compared to where I was as recently as last year. I’m amazed at what I’ve evolved into. Where I was broken, I am whole. Where I was weak, I am a warrior. Where I was lost, I am found. Where I had no direction or options, I’m now like a child in a candy store, picking out what I want.

It all started with choosing. Choosing life. Choosing love. Choosing to believe. Choosing myself. Choosing to live the life I’ve always wanted to live, and whole heartedly BELIEVING that what I desired was possible, and that I was deserving of it.  I don’t have to think about why I’m here and what I’m supposed to be doing. I know why, and I’m doing it. I’ve chosen it just as much as it chose me. I live my bliss by the moment, and my magical powers get stronger every day.


4 thoughts on “Living My Bliss

  1. This is a very inspiring article and it’s good that you decided to just live life. I’m part sympathetic to individuals who just give up on life choosing not to live, love and believe. Best of luck to everything you do and definitely continue to grow as an individual.

      • Oh why thank you I do try! I think as time goes by I will get better at everything I want to do and that includes photography so stay tuned for the evolution because I don’t plan on stopping.

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