By Any Means Necessary

Have you subscribed to the God/dess RSS feed?

I’m quite convinced that The Divine is sending me messages through mediums like the television and the internet.

This is not psychobabble and there’s no need to call the authorities – it’s truthfully what I’ve been experiencing within the last week or so, the most recent example being just a few minutes ago.

I woke up about an hour ago with the bee gees from having eaten three pieces of pizza and falling asleep immediately afterwards. I’m lactose intolerant, so eating the pizza was my first fail, letting that cheese sit on my gut being the second. Now that I’ve grossed you out, let me engross you with the story of why I believe I’m being paranormally communicated with through technology.

So I got up, stomach bubbling, and did what every person does when they don’t feel good and can’t go back to sleep. I got on facebook. I was just scrolling through all the awesome statuses I’d missed while I was asleep (is the sarcasm clear enough here?). There wasn’t much going on in the news feed so I gave up my plans for doing nothing on the internet until I passed out again. As I was about to log out and try to lay back down, I saw this link posted by a friend:
(Please do click it, by the way. Even if you aren’t in the area you can still donate. You can find agencies in your area if you want to volunteer!)

She had prefaced her post with a quick status about doing something great for someone for Christmas. I had been interested in getting involved in the community but with everything going on in my life, those plans kind of fell by the wayside. So, I’m looking through the site and I’m reading all of these amazing stories of foster kids finding families and being able to stay with their siblings instead of being split up – I was so moved. Knowing that I’m not yet at a point in life where I would be able to foster or adopt, I started looking around on the site for ideas on other ways to get involved. I saw that there were opportunities for mentoring and tutoring and I KNEW that both would be something I could do!

In my book, I talk about my elementary school principal and how, instead of punishing me when I got in trouble, he would send me to volunteer in the fist grade classrooms. He saw something in me back then that I’m just beginning to see in myself – the ability and desire to lead and teach.

I started getting all of these amazing visions in my head of being a great example for kids going through a similar situations to the ones I went through. I saw myself teaching kids and helping them to realize that they don’t have to be put in a corner for the rest of their lives either. I let myself get lost in the vision and it quickly turned into me speaking to both children and parents, and then doing speaking engagements at conferences for the organization. It wasn’t until the very end of the vision that I realized that the desire to serve could also help me promote my book by using it as a teaching tool.

That one hyperlink changed the vision I had for my future within just minutes, seconds even. I saw myself as an important part of my community and changing the face of fostering and adoption overall, for the better. I saw myself launching a successful writing and business career through sharing my story with children who are fighting the odds just like I did and showing them the way by BEING the way. I could teach parents about the importance of learning the culture and needs of the child and working them into their lives just as much as they try to integrate the child into theirs.

Is your mind blown yet? Because it should be.

As whacked out as this sounds, I’m so glad I ate that pizza and suffered the consequences. Otherwise I may not have woken up in the middle of the night and gotten on the computer.

God does, indeed, work in mysterious ways.


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