A Year in Review – 2011

I’m sorry if anyone is made butthurt by this, but “New Year’s Resolutions” are silly. Waiting for a new year to start in order to begin doing the things that will make you a better you is absurd. We don’t know what could happen from one SECOND to the next, let alone next year, so be your best self and live to your highest potential EVERY day. Then, you’ll be able look back at the year and say, “Damn, I’m good!” and look forward in confidence, knowing that you’ve set a tone for the coming year with your actions and faith in the present. I’ve taken my own advice, for once, and I’m so pleased with what I see, what I feel, and what I know is coming down the line for me in 2012. It’s important to remain present, but it’s always helpful to recap and set intentions for the future, so I’m going to share a little bit of my story of the last year:

On December 31st 2010 I was still living with my father and brother in a one bedroom apartment near the seedy downtown area of Reno, Nevada. I was sleeping on the floor on a mattress, which I had to lift and set up against the wall every morning before work so that my dog wouldn’t piss or shit on it. I had finally gotten a job after a year and a half of trying, so I was at least making some head way. I was working to earn money and I was working on myself spiritually as well, but I was still a bit lost, wandering. I wanted new and different things for my life and though I was still living in a chaotic and often oppressive environment, at that time I had begun to develop the will power to have faith and believe passed what I could see with my two eyes. As I rode the bus to and from work, I drifted off and allowed myself to create images of something better. I dreamed of working for myself and being an author, just like I’d always wanted. I dreamed of living a creative and fruitful life. I dreamed of having the love and support necessary for my growth. I dreamed of taking back the reigns and living my life in accordance with what was in my heart.

Fast forward to today, December 31st 2011. I’m sitting in my office space typing this, with a beautiful view of the woods just outside my window. I have a sacred space, and the peace, love, and support I need to accomplish my goals personally, spiritually, and career wise. I’ve written and self published my first book and it’s receiving great reviews and support, and I’m preparing to gather resources to invest into other ventures. I’ve been awakened spiritually and I’m on a path that feels like “home”. I’ve made amends with the people, situations, and thoughts that had previously kept me bound to negative energy, and I’ve cast out that which does not serve me. The ability to do this has seen me through a most difficult situation with my daughter, and I continue to see that situation unfold in my favor.

Looking back on 2011, I am so very proud of myself – for having the faith, for taking action, for sharing the love, and for allowing myself to dream. More so than any of that, I am grateful – to The Creator, to my chosen deities, to the angels, to my ancestors, to my spirit and animals guides, and to all the helpers in the unseen realms who have made my ability to live this life possible. I’m thankful for all of the wonderful people who have been placed on my path and I on theirs. I’m blessed for all of the opportunities I’ve been afforded. I’m just so grateful, and so humbled.

With a humble heart and a powerful mind, I look into 2012 and I see more books, a business, stronger relationships, a healthier body, success, prosperity, abundance, opportunities to teach and heal, and more powerful magic! “This or something better”, indeed.



Guest Spot on Akasha Temple Live!

Ruthann and Casey J. - hosts of Akasha Temple Live!

Follow the link to hear me chat it up with Ruthann Amarteifio from Akasha Temple Live on blogtalkradio! I dish about my upbringing and how it inspired my debuting novel, entitled Nobody Puts Crack Baby in a Corner. I also talk about various situations going on my life presently, my spiritual path, and where I hope to be in the next five years in my career and in my spiritual undertakings. It was my first interview of the sort and I had so much fun! I’m blessed to have been afforded the opportunity and Ruthann would love to have me on the show again. I quickly obliged! Listen in now and catch me at the 32 minute mark!



Reattaching the Umbilical Cord

This is one of the many messages I’ve been a conduit for lately. I pray that all who read it are open and receptive to the Wisdom that has come through me. These are not my words, but messages from the Divine, I’m just the Oracle, the channel. So, tune in to the station to receive this Divine transmission and get out of it what’s meant just for you ❤

The first connection that a mother and child have is that of the umbilical cord. It connects the placenta and the fetus, allowing the mother to transfer nutrient-rich and oxygenated blood (life force energy) to the child. From conception, the mother is naturally and abundantly equipped to nourish and sustain the life of the child. The same concept applies to our relationship with Mother Earth. We must reattach our umbilical cords to the womb of the Earth. We must heal and reinforce our bond to our Mother.

Our disconnection from Her creative, nourishing, and abundant essence is what allows us to live in a world of destruction, poverty, and lack. She is the embodiment of perfect love and perfect trust. LOVE is the fifth element of creation, and She is the platform upon which all of creation manifests. LOVE is nurturance, sustenance, protection, and the teaching of Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding – She does all of  that and more through every element, every animal, every plant, every person, and even nonliving things.  She never fails to go through her seasons in order to allow for planting, growth, harvest, and falling away to make way for the next round of manifestation – you can always TRUST that the seasons will come as they always have. In the darkness of the womb, a growing child intrinsically TRUSTS that the connection to it’s mother is there and that it will be cared for even if the connection  is not seen with the eyes. We (collectively) have lost that intrinsic “knowing” and the trust that all that we need and desire is ours to have. She maintains Her order and grace and is endlessly abundant, providing for us water, food, materials to make shelter, and natural remedies to cure every disease known to man; yet we currently live in a world where there is famine, poverty, and pestilence –  How is this possible? The disconnection is the culprit.

The severance of our bond with her prevents her from being able to nourish and sustain us all. The circumstances we see in the world are a lie. There is no such thing as “overpopulation” – Like a womb carrying multiples, Mother Earth is expansive and equipped with enough space (land), food, shelter (resources), and medicine (natural remedies and rituals) for everyone. To accept lack is disrespectful to The All and to our Mother. We falsely label her inadequate by not recognizing and living well according to her natural and endless abundance. The Universe is a microcosm of The All and is without limitations, and the Earth is but a microcosm of the universe. Women are microcosms of the Earth – and like the milk ducts respond to the child’s mouth suckling at the breast, the Universe and Earth Mother respond accordingly to our needs, to what we consciously ask for. So let us consciously express the need for an elevation of consciousness and a return to our Mother. Let us weld that place where we have ripped ourselves away from our connection to our Source of nourishment, strength, and survival. Let us not perish when at our very feet lies the gateway and the keeper of Life.

Make grounding techniques a part of your daily practice and be consistent in your conscious effort to keep yourself connected to the life force energy of Mother Earth. Take the time to write out and/or record a detailed visualization of your cord, what it looks like – then visualize it being attached to the Muladhara (Root Chakra) of your auric body. Watch as it protrudes and expands to stretch down, down, down, to the Earth, where it plants itself and extends its roots to meet her Being. Whenever possible, take the time to plant your bare feet and hands in the Earth. Meditate and feel Her energy flowing. Feel Her pulse, know Her vitality, and receive Her essence through your cord – the essence of creation and the abundance of wealth, health, and love.

Blessed Be )O(

– Dava

Oracle Reading for 12.26.2011

The Cosmos

Bringing messages of creativity and vastness, today we’re being asked to widen our scopes as to allow ourselves to accept and understand the majesty and power of The Cosmos. The Universe is the endlessly vast darkness from which all things spring forth – seen and unseen. Tapping into the raw and limitless creative power of the universe gives each and every one of us the ability to call (fire), create (air), form (water) , and manifest (earth) our desires both individually and on a grand scale. Our essence is that of CREATION, so live in your Truth and CREATE the life and the world you want to see by following your passions and using your passions to reach and help others. INTENTIONS ARE CONTAGIOUS! So make sure that you set your intentions for “the highest and greatest good of all” and then release them out into the universe in full faith in your Divine right to co-create with The Cosmos.

No dream is too big or to small – what Great Mystery has for you is FOR YOU! So don’t let influences from friends, family, or media sway you away from what The Creator has placed in your heart to do. If you like it, you’ve got to surround yourself with people who LOVE it! Let your spirit guide you to people who are living and acting in that same creative vibration and take solace in any place that allows you to be your authentic, creative, POWERFUL self! When you consistently redirect your thoughts and actions to what you DO WANT to see in your life, the universe will respond and you will watch old habits, situations, and people fall away from you and be replaced by habits, situations, and people that further your desires and your overall purpose.

As the world experiences a multitude of paradigm shifts and is reawakened to The Divine Feminine, we will see a rise in consciousness – We will collectively reach an understanding and a reverence concerning the Divine within us, and we will learn that is is VERY possible to create not just the individual lives, but the WORLD we want to see – A world where health, wealth, and justice is the REALITY of the world instead of a sparse fantasy. This is a time for way more than New Year’s resolutions. It’s time for a New World, and we collectively have the power to bring that dream into manifestation!

Blessed Be )O(


Excerpts & Insights from Chapter 7 of Nobody Puts Crack Baby in a Corner

“With Lorelai being tight on cash, I experienced yet another kind of duality in my life – abundance and lack. She took me with her to the dollar store once and, before we went in, she told me to watch and tell her if someone was coming. We were in and out pretty quickly, and when we got back home, I saw some straight up magical shit! Out of her jacket, she pulled a carton of eggs, a loaf of bread, a half gallon of milk, and a big ass box of corn flakes. Those were our rations for the week. At my grandma’s house, we never seemed to have enough. At Diane’s house, there was always an overflow of everything. I chuckle to myself every time I think back to when I would open a cabinet or refrigerator door at Diane’s house, and do the running man out of sheer joy. Everything was always full, and name-brand too.”


I continued to experience both abundance and lack throughout my young adult life and I learned that there are joys and pains of both. I feel that I had to know one to know the other, so I’m extremely grateful for each and every experience. As I grow in my career and in life, I desire to live abundantly, and I know that I’d never really be able to appreciate it if it weren’t for those sparse and desperate times.


Ode to Xochiquetzal

Ode to Xochiquetzal

Keeper of the flora and fauna,
Tonantzin, Our Venerable Mother, Black Madonna.
Carry her words on the wings of a quetzal bird,
so that the voice of our Beloved will be heard.
Take her melody low and high,
on the wings of a butterfly.
Every second of every hour,
spread her Wisdom as a bee does pollen, gracing every flower.
The lyrics to the song my heart sings,
fly them to Great Mystery on angel wings.
That I may be blessed with her beauty and sensuality,
gifted with the craft of weaving,and the power to create my own reality.
Teach me non judgement, strip away duality.
Fill me with your essence,
O beautiful Xochiquetzal!

P.S. Check out this piece of jewelery that I saved from my grandmother’s estate sale when she passed away. It called to me and I have kept it with me for ten years, not knowing what it was until now. Pay close attention to the image of Xochiquetzal and tell me what you see!

Oracle Reading for 12.21.2011

The Resting Tree

The Resting Tree brings messages of patience and stillness. This is so fitting as we prepare to celebrate the Winter holidays and our beloved Winter Solstice. Winter is the season of “the deep freeze” – Animals big and small gather food for winter and nest deep inside their homes. Bears hibernate. Seeds drop from the plants and burrow in the soil.  – And then lie in wait, and they trust that spring will come, just as it always does. The energy of The Resting Tree has come to tell us that there is a time for action and there is a time for rest, and now is time for the latter. Stop being a busy body and just kick back and enjoy the holiday season. Think about your goals for the coming year, send your intentions out into the universe, and then let go and relax! Think of freezing water and what that means for the molecules – It means that they slow down and stop moving. When you allow yourself the opportunity to rest and to slow and stop, you will have time to enjoy each moment, to release the old, and to make way for the new. You will be open and ready to receive the bounty of the spring! Just like the plants and animals do, trust that the seasons will always come to pass and that it’s okay to hibernate and be still for a little while. Trust in the Divine purpose of each season and that, in due time, your dreams will manifest. But for now, just rest, and don’t you dare let anyone make you feel bad for doing so 🙂