“When I meditate and take myself to a place of peace, my mind most often travels to a beautiful crystal grotto. I sit atop a smooth jade stone in the middle of a softly rippling pool of deep water. All around me are an assortment of faceted crystals – citrine, aquamarine, and (my favorite) amethyst. The beams of sunlight shooting in from the opening of the cave bounce off the precious stones, creating kaleidoscope patterns on the water’s surface. In this place, I feel magickal. In this place, I feel powerful. In this place, I feel at home. And I gladly welcome you inside.” – Dava Greely, Priestess and Oracle

Greetings and welcome to my website! I’m a 26 year old mother, author, entrepreneur, and spiritual adviser, originally hailing from California. My passions and work are in teaching, healing, and hand crafting beautiful ┬ábath and body products, and original jewelry pieces. I don’t subscribe to any particular religious, philosophical, or political affiliations, instead I choose to have respect and find the balance in all. I am a fiery Aries spirit, outgoing yet introverted. I love to learn just as much as I love to teach, so meeting and networking with new people is always fun and exciting. I am a natural empathic and clairvoyant reader, and I find great joy and passion in using various methods of divination to channel messages. Contact me for products and services anytime!